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First Impressions of Raspbee2/DeCONZ: flaky - any help!?

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    First Impressions of Raspbee2/DeCONZ: flaky - any help!?


    I've got deCONZ 2.09 running and bought 6 devices to get it up and running - all in a 120 sq ft room. I see the routes coming and going frequently, the paths between two bulbs literally 1 ft apart red/bad, sensors never seem to reconnect after an app restart. And of course the few commands I've attempted to send haven't worked, the node goes from available to offline. This is a raspberry pi 3b+ using the prebuilt image from the phoscon website so I can't have messed up any pi os settings. I'm wondering if anyone else had similar issues and found an obvious fix (maybe serial port baud rate or i2c baud rate????). Thanks in advance.

    I'm coming from zwave on a znet which was rock solid for at least 5 years.

    I had some issues getting it going initially. I have Raspbee's. The Raspbee2 is supposed to have a better radio. One thing to watch out for is Zigbee and Wifi overlap. I ended up having to change my WiFi to one end of the spectrum and my Zigbee to the other. What devices do you have? Some are better routers than others. But if everything is in one room typically everything will connect directly to the gateway (but not always).


      You will have to check for interference here near the raspbee, like Bill said. A ZWave sender can also interfere. I have a raspbee running here too and in is in the bottom of the house, serving all rooms fine up to the 2nd floor (with routers, like bulbs, plugs and repeaters).
      Important is the brand of the bulbs you mention, some are good, others can be bad.A Sengled light for instance is not a router at all, so won't help in the network.

      -- Wim

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        That was definitely it thanks much! I moved my 2.4 GHz wifi 4 AP to channel 1 and the Raspbee 2 to channel 25 and it is working much better!