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    PlugIn Upgrade issues

    I finally ran the upgrade of the PlugIn from v3 to v4 last night, and came across some issues. Some of the devices came up with warnings when I start up the PlugIn, and still do. Several of these devices I wasn't actively using, so I deleted them from HS4, stopped and started the PlugIn, and they reimported cleanly (from DeConz). A couple of the lights also has the same issue, so I deleted/reimported those and fixed up the Events, so that's ok.

    The main issue for me, is that none of my switches worked after the upgrade. I could still turn off the lights with 'she who shall not be named', so we were good with that.

    This morning I deleted on of my switches, let it reimport, and I went in and fixed the couple of events driven from it - so no big deal. While I was doing that, I noticed that the status labels didn't look right, but the switch was working, so I took that as a win for the moment.

    Looking at the next switch (and they all show this), I'm seeing this...

    This is the original switch
    Click image for larger version

Name:	PS2-Old.PNG
Views:	155
Size:	48.7 KB
ID:	1453669
    And this is the new data that the PlugIn wants to create (and is what was created for the first switch that I deleted and let it reimport).

    Click image for larger version

Name:	PS2 - New.PNG
Views:	88
Size:	28.5 KB
ID:	1453670
    And here's the json

    **************************** Object info *****************************
    "config": {
    "battery": 100,
    "on": true,
    "reachable": true,
    "temperature": 2200
    "ep": 1,
    "etag": "17bc39a0f75b2f23e5a919eb7a3e386a",
    "lastseen": "2021-02-03T03:01Z",
    "manufacturername": "LUMI",
    "mode": 1,
    "modelid": "lumi.sensor_switch.aq2",
    "name": "Diningroom back Smart Switch PS2",
    "state": {
    "buttonevent": 1002,
    "lastupdated": "2021-02-02T23:40:30.741"
    "swversion": "20161128",
    "type": "ZHASwitch",
    "uniqueid": "00:15:8d:00:02:13:45:3e-01-0006"
    ************************* End Object info ***************************
    And for this switch, and the next couple, that's going to be fine. When I get to switches in some of the other rooms, I make use of the double and triple presses, so that's going to cause some problems. At the moment, we can get round those with voice control, but my wife is more of a button pusher, so I'd like to get those working for her.

    I did have debugging turned on when I did the initial conversion, but I've restarted a few times since then, and those logs were overwritten. I did make a snapshot of the machine before I did the upgrade, so if you really want to see them, I can pull that out and run the conversion again.

    All the lights that I had issues with were on DeConz, none of the lights I have on the Hue hub showed any problems. I don't have any of the sensors or switches on the Hue hub, they're all DeConz connected. I'm running HS, and Plugin



    I have found the culprit here. Apparently all switch updates I submitted in the xml file for the HS4 version have not been saved in the database. It is going to be corrected in the next version of the plugin. I cannot release it yet, not even as beta, as I am in the middle of a larger change here. It should not be long though.
    Once I have released it, you can go to the properties of the device, the JowiHue tab and enable "Reset Graphic values for all features belonging to devices". After saving this page the values are reset to their normal definitions.

    Quite a find.....


    -- Wim

    Plugins: JowiHue, RFXCOM, Sonos4, Jon00's Perfmon and Network monitor, EasyTrigger, Pushover 3P, rnbWeather, BLBackup, AK SmartDevice, Pushover, PHLocation, Zwave, GCalseer, SDJ-Health, Device History, BLGData

    1210 devices/features ---- 392 events ----- 40 scripts


      Quite a find
      I do seem to find them 😁 LOL.
      I'll go get all the switches working this morning, and make my wife happy again. Well, happier at least.