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    Hi Wim,

    First, thanks for the tradfri remote battery fix! My battery readings now look "normal", which will help in tracking when to replace the battery.

    Unfortunately, my Hue bulb problems have gotten worse. As a reminder, using deconz and Conbee2.

    First issue is that it seems the On and Off controls have gotten reverse, normally all HS light switches and dimmers have Off on the left near the bottom of the dimmer scale and On on the right.

    Hue and Sat controls are almost completely non-responsive from both events and the web interface. CT still seems to work.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture.PNG Views:	0 Size:	271.2 KB ID:	1453822

    w.vuyk would I be better off just moving the Hue bulbs to a Hue bridge in order to get better control response with the JowiHue plugin? I've hesitated for months now putting my Hue bulbs into "production", ie, the living room, because the WAF would not be good if control was inconsistent.



      No, you would not be better off as the Philips Hue bridge is using polling, the response would be slower,
      I have found the issue with the light device responding slow here and this will solve in the next release. The same slowness was in the previous releases, but less visible. Due to the color handling changes it now became more eminent. You will like the new responsiveness

      As for the controls, they have been this way for the plugin always. But I have no problem changing the positions. If the new release comes available, you need to go to the properties of the device and enable "Reset Graphic values for all features belonging to devices" and press save. This will rebuild the values and buttons for the device.
      If you want to do this for all devices, you will find the same switch in the settings page of the plugin. This will then rebuild all values for the devices.

      Hoping here to be able to send the new release somewhere next week, still testing on the creativity part here.

      -- Wim

      Plugins: JowiHue, RFXCOM, Sonos4, Jon00's Perfmon and Network monitor, EasyTrigger, Pushover 3P, rnbWeather, BLBackup, AK SmartDevice, Pushover, PHLocation, Zwave, GCalseer, SDJ-Health, Device History, BLGData

      1210 devices/features ---- 392 events ----- 40 scripts


        Wim, much appreciated. With regard to the control positions in the web interface, it's no big deal, but every once in a while my OCD (google it) kicks in and I notice minor details. Heck, that's why I get paid the big bucks, to notice minor details, lol. Reality is that no one is ever using the web interface to control their house on a daily basis (hopefully). Reason I probably didn't notice it in previous releases is that I've been busy with stuff not related to my hobbies (ie, home automation).

        As usual, I appreciate the feedback and advice, hope all is well in your part of the world