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Doubt with icons on Status Graphics

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    Doubt with icons on Status Graphics

    I have had this doubt for some time, maybe I am not seeing something or I am doing something wrong. My question has to do with the icons of the devices. Before I defined some custom icons but I stopped doing it because sometimes when updating the plugin they were replaced by the plugin itself. Because it was a bit of work, I stopped doing it and chose to do it differently in my HSTouch project (with use of status image).

    With the last update and the change of the "on-off" my icons were almost all changed (i run "Reset Status/Graphic values for all devices and feature of this plugin" on the settings of plugin after update). In other words, when it is "off", the icon it represents is that of "on" and vice versa. Below I leave some examples, but there are others (like ligths and plugs have the same icon...)

    First example, light "off" but icon "on" and wrong RGB icon

    Click image for larger version

Name:	light.png
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    Plug "on" but icon "off" and wrong Watts and KWatts icon

    Click image for larger version

Name:	plug.png
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ID:	1455684


    My fault! I did change the on and off button postions. But missed moving the icons as well.... you know? That age thing? LOL
    Will correct it for the next version!
    -- Wim

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