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    Dim percentage

    I use an event to set the dim level for 2 lights (TRÅDFRI bulb GU10 WS 400lm, 1.2.217) . In the event interface I can choose a percentage for the dim level. It looks like this percentage is not correctly translated. At maximum, 100% level in HS4 the light is actually at 40%. Something like 100 out of 254? This occurs when I try on the group and on individual lights.
    I read in a JowiHue for HS3 thread about the option to choose between dim percentage and standard values. But I can't find this in JowiHue for HS4. Is there another way to fix this?

    JowiHue, HS4 Pro 4.1.13, DeConz 2.10.00 - 26680700, Mono, Raspbian Buster, RPi4, ConBee II

    During the conversion by the plugin from HS3 to HS4 a step is missed. The HS4 version of the plugin changes its operation for dimming to percentage, but it does not internally change this setting. The next version will correct this issue. If you want to have this solved sooner, you can send me your JowiHue database and I will correct and return the database again.

    You will find the database as \Data\JowiHue\JowiHue.db in the HS installation directory. Send this to jowihue at ziggo dot nl?


    -- Wim

    Plugins: JowiHue, RFXCOM, Sonos4, Jon00's Perfmon and Network monitor, EasyTrigger, Pushover 3P, rnbWeather, BLBackup, AK SmartDevice, Pushover, PHLocation, Zwave, GCalseer, SDJ-Health, Device History, BLGData

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      Hi Wim, thanks for the fast reply. It can wait until the next version, no problem!