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  • wimaware
    Changed the open and closed and works fine now.

    In HSTouch I want to add the new blind switches as a status graphic when touching it, it goes up and touching it again, it goes down.
    But there is no option "Toggle on/off" with these switches. Options are open, close %dim and stop. Is there another way to get this done?

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  • w.vuyk

    I am afraid this has to be solved by deCONZ github. On their documentation they emphasize the lift parameter is to be read as percentage closed. And this does fit my IKEA blinds. But I think they did it wrong for the Tuya device. There is a lot of issues on the Tuya area, which they will try to address in the next beta.
    lift Number
    Supported range is 0–100 or special value "stop".

    lift is best understood as “percentage closed”. So for any lift value below 100 %, open is true.
    • 0–99 — open is true
    • 100 — open is false
    • "stop" — Stops the lift action
    The above comes from Lights - deCONZ REST-API (
    You could try to report this on the github site as this is obviously wrong.

    As a workaround you could change the status/graphics settings as in the below images:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2021-04-10 20_03_05-Device Settings en nog 2 andere pagina's - Persoonlijk - Microsoft​ Edge.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	2021-04-10 20_04_16-Device Settings en nog 2 andere pagina's - Persoonlijk - Microsoft​ Edge.png
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    And then change the % closed in % open. You do need to keep the value 255 available as it is a command to the plugin to start the close command. Unless you do not want to close it anymore?

    The confiration options you changed on the JowiHue tab are meant to be used as a minimum vs maximum percentage of closing, to sort of calibrate the plugins control on how much to open the curtain and how much to close the curtain if a full open or close is to much. You tried to use it to redirect the values to opposite. This is why the values have not been saved as it cannot work this way.


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  • wimaware
    started a topic Blinds status

    Blinds status

    Using some Tuya blind / roller shutter switches and are working all fine, exept for the status display.
    Open and close is no problem but when stopping the blinds at some time between open and close
    the % status is not correct.

    Lets say the blinds are open and after closing them for 5%, the status displays indicate 95% closed.
    This should be 95% open or 5% Dicht (not closed)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Snag_fea2988.png
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    So I thought switching the 0 and 100 status in maximum open in 100 and maximum closed in 0
    but after saving these settings and open the page again, the settings are gone and reset by the default value.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Snag_fea55d8.png
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    I have translate the status indication to Dutch and is still displaying 'Closed' while it should be 'Dicht'

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Snag_fee3a1f.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Snag_ff2d2d1.png
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    Any idea how to solve this ?