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Odd behavior in VM

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    Odd behavior in VM

    Hello! So I'm running into some odd disk access issues that I think has been narrowed down to this plugin.... Hear me out on this as it's a little convoluted....

    My use case is a server running Unraid, where I have a VM running Homeseer with multiple plugins including JowiHue. With the plugin active, I'm getting writes to the SSD where the VM is hosted at around 4-8MB/second that seem to be all related to the VM (all dockers and other VMs were halted for testing). The disk activity in the VM is showing a sawtooth type pattern of writes (much lower than what Unraid is reporting, but it's correlated) as you can see on the attached image.

    Interestingly, this dramatically improves to 200-700kb/s on Unraid when JowiHue is stopped on the plugin page. Also interestingly, if I go into Settings for the plugin, set the polling frequency to "30", hit save, then change it back to "3" and hit save and THEN go into Bridge Maintenance and click on "light info", the write access dramatically decreases both in the VM (attached image) and in unraid down to the 100's of KB/sec. It has to be in that order.... and absolutely no idea why... Restarting the plugin returns to the higher disk writes, and doing the above "fixes" the issue.

    Any thoughts on this behavior? The amount of writes doesn't seem crazy, but when you think that 8MB/sec is 675 GB a day, which is a ton of writes on the drive! Would like them to last for several years. Thanks!


    Never mind! Looking into the resource manager a bit more, it seems like it was primarily coming from a combination of JowiHue combined with HSBuddy's history settings - unchecking "Include devices" in the history setting of that plugin calmed things down quite a bit. Not entirely sure on the issue there, but my apologies for not looking into it quite enough. Thanks for the plugin, and hopefully this could help someone with a weird enough issue like mine in the future.


      The JowiHue plugin can send quite some updates to HS devices. This is mainly memory activity for HS.
      But I guess you are right here, if a plugin keeps the history and probably writes it to a database or filesystem, the disk activity can rise. Guess the Device History plugin could show a similar issue

      -- Wim

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