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Conbee vs Hue Hub

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    Conbee vs Hue Hub

    I have been using a Cobee for the last 2 years and I'm pretty happy with it. I have aquired a Hue hub via a discounted deal on a starter kit that was too good to refuse. I'm wondering if the Hue has any advantages over the Conbee particularly in terms of speed?

    On a side note can I change the frequency of the Conbee without causing mesh issues etc? Will I have to repair?

    Try here :

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      Eman has provided a link to a explanation on the Philips Hue bridge vs the Conbee/Raspbee. The status is stil the same, Philips still needs polling, so the difference is the same still. As for frequence changes, if you need to do this for the Philips Hue bridge to work properly, it might be better to change the frequency on the Philips Hue bridge instead as I assume you will have some sensors on the conbee. The battery driven devices need to be woken up to accept the change in frequency, which might take more time for all to work reliable again.

      Assuming you have only lights on the Philips bridge, the frequency change there will be directly implemented.

      -- Wim

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