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Support for all Conbee II compatible devices?

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    Support for all Conbee II compatible devices?

    Hi Wim,

    Looking for validation on an assumption that Jowihue will natively support any device that is supported by the Conbee II.

    I just ordered a few IKEA GU10 spots which are on the Conbee II compatibility list, specifically:
    IKEA TRÅDFRI Spot GU10 WS 400lm Color temperature light
    Should pair and work out of the box, correct?

    By the way, this plugin is amazing and mission critical to my setup - thanks for maintaining it so diligently.

    All devices mentioned in the compatible list are also supported by the plugin, no worries on that.
    To make even better I suppose, I am also sing these lights and they do well here.
    Also a lot of devices not in the list are supported, especially the lights. Sensors, switches, thermostats and airquality monitors are more critical, but a search on github will help you to find more details.
    The list will soon be updated to a more complete list, when deCONZ comes to a new release.

    Thanks for your support!


    -- Wim

    Plugins: JowiHue, RFXCOM, Sonos4, Jon00's Perfmon and Network monitor, EasyTrigger, Pushover 3P, rnbWeather, BLBackup, AK SmartDevice, Pushover, PHLocation, Zwave, GCalseer, SDJ-Health, Device History, BLGData

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      This overview is very easy and often comes in handy. Just select deConz on the left side for an overview for the compatible devices.


        w.vuyk Great news, thank you!

        wimaware Very cool find, bookmarked. Thanks.


          wimaware - thanks for link - also book marked.