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Hue Dimmer v2 with Homeseer

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    Hue Dimmer v2 with Homeseer

    I recently bought Hue Dimmer v2 switches - and I like them. I configured them using the Hue bridge, which JowiHue plugin quickly imported into HomeSeer (love it). I can attach the buttons to events and such - no problem.

    BUT ...
    When I added them as accessories to the Hue bridge, it made me associate them with a light (or I didn't pay enough attention) but now I cannot dis-associate them with that light - so the Hue bridge causes an action for the associated bulb every time I press a button and then my event runs. Has anyone managed to dis-associate the switch from a bulb in the bridge? I can select zero bulbs - but then it won't save in the app. ARGH

    The easiest steps you can do is remove the dimmer from the Philips Hue app. this app is trying to decide what you as a user want to do more and more.
    Make sure to also reset the remote (probably it is best to do that first, but it should also work the other way around).

    If the Philips Hue app does not let you do this, go to the Bridge Maintenance page of the plugin and remove the device from the sensor tab. This will remove the dimmer switch from both bridge and HS.

    Then start a scan on the bridge maintenance page and add the dimmer switch through the plugin. This will add the device and will not mess with it like the Philips Hue app. I would suggest not doing anything with the assecoires in the philips app as this app wants to control the assecoires in a way that is not "fit for all".
    -- Wim

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      Thank you Wim ... super helpful and completely understood. I will start there and report back.