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Hue Dimmer Switches v2 - slow to respond?

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    Hue Dimmer Switches v2 - slow to respond?

    Hi everyone ...
    Given how much we've got in Hue lighting and how well we have it working now in HomeSeer via JowiHue plugin... we tried the Hue Dimmer Switches v2. I like them - partly I just like that they are wireless.

    One problem we are having, though, is that they are quite slow to respond. Instead of tying them to individual Hue lights, I have connected them directly to events in Homeseer. These events trigger almost instantly when triggered from HomeSeer zWave wall switches, but when I trigger them with the Hue Dimmer Switches, it takes sometimes 5 seconds to respond, and almost always AT LEAST 1-2 seconds to respond. This might not seem like much, but when you press a light switch it is well within the time limit that you think you didn't hit it right and try it again. (even me, who knows it will have a delay).

    Anyone know of a different way to connect these (ie. not through the Hue hub?) or perhaps some other wireless switches that have this good of a build quality and multi button features, that would respond far quicker than this?

    Any ideas welcome! And ... Merry Christmas all!

    This is because the Philips hue bridge still needs polling at this moment (there is work in progress that will speed it up, but still only 1 update per second....). So at this point in time I still advice to use sensors and button devices (like the Hue dimmer switch) on deCONZ for now. Also check this thread for more explanations.

    -- Wim

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      Thanks Wim. That explains it, of course. I appreciate the clarity.