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Color fade Off & power on default

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    Color fade Off & power on default

    Two questions for a Hue Lightstrip plus
    1. Can you Fade Off to a color? Say it's white and you want it to fade to red when going off? I've tried with an Event Set light action and on works, off doesn't seem to.
    2. What is the default on color when it's powered on from a outlet, not via command? Do you need to keep it powered up to keep the previous color?


    If you use an event (JowiHue action) and you set both color and set brightness to 0 with a transition time (say 10 seconds) does the color not change then? Am not home to try, but I would expect it works?

    You can set the default color when power is restored on a Philips Hue bridge - only for the Philips Hue lights, but you need to do this through the app. It will not function on a deCONZ gateway as far I know. Then it depends on the settings from the manufacturer. If you want to start the light based on the color just before the light was set off, you need to keep the power on the light, otherwise the light is reset to the factory defaults (or if set through the Philips Hue app, it will start with the color that has been set through the app)

    -- Wim

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