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    Originally posted by Platopus View Post
    Hi Wim,

    Just my luck that I would fall in the window of successfully installing a batch a week prior and having these issues with my latest attempt! I'll take this as a learning experience and next time (or if) I get another issue I'll start by looking at your sticky post.

    I installed the beta release and the blackout devices have all been recognized and properly created. Still don't understand why some automatically created groups have a CT value control and others don't but that is for another day as I have a workaround.

    Thank you again for your response as you just saved me from wasting a lot of time.

    I am rebuilding hs4 from scratch ( in the hope that it clears a major isssue on my system) and i am also seeing this on the very last V of the plugin. Some group does not have ct devices


      Not sure it will help you but after upgrading some CT values were missing (maybe 6 out of 20) and no matter if I stopped and restarted the plugin or if I rebooted the server they would not show. A few weeks went by and when I checked again they were all there. I even had a Hue Lightstrip group with 3 CT values on it!!! My experience is the group devices are prone to sporadically stop working so I've changed all my rules to control one device and use the link feature to associate them. This works well for my usage as the HS switch and Hue bulbs seems to work well together. I do have a lone Lifx bulb and I have yet to find a way to properly manage it.