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deConz - How to delete and rescan devices

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  • Eman
    When you delete single devices, start with the ones in homeSeer (this removes them in Phoscon as well) then restart HomeSeer and rescan...

    Removing the Bridge, will give you a good clean up and your devices will remain intact in Phoscon.

    Note : You will have to edit the events with new value because the device IDs will have changed


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  • Platopus
    started a topic deConz - How to delete and rescan devices

    deConz - How to delete and rescan devices

    I am running HS on a Windows 10 PC with deConz.

    I have multiple Hue lights (GU10 & A19 1100LM) which are running fine but I cannot get the latest batch of Hue A19 1100LM I purchased to work in Jowihue but they are functional using Phoscon. I checked in deConz the details of both the working A19 light bulbs and non working ones and both are the same model and appear to be identical.

    When I add the lights in Jowihue they appear blacked out and I cannot control them nor can I delete them. Then if I delete them from Phoscon then they remain in the list with the new blacked out ones created from Phoscon. Here is the errors from the log:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	deConz - Hue error log.GIF
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Size:	47.3 KB
ID:	1534157

    Click image for larger version

Name:	JowihueDeviceList.GIF
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Size:	44.0 KB
ID:	1534158

    I tried restarting Jowihue, the PC and uninstalling and re-installing Jowihue but the dead devices still shows and I cannot find a way to include the latest hue lightbulbs.

    Is there a way to rebuild the device list without the risk of breaking the device id's\numerous events created? Any pointers to get the Hue bulbs recognized would be appreciated?