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Push updates from Hue Bridge?

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    Push updates from Hue Bridge?

    I recently switched from deCONZ to the Hue Bridge. At the time, I was not aware that the Hue Bridge has to be polled to get status updates in JowiHue.

    I just read this:

    Is there a chance that push updates from the Hue Bridge will be available in JowiHue?


    Jowihue does push the updates from the hue event stream. This is in the HS4 plugin. If you are running HS3 then I doubt that Wim will update that for the Hue V2 API.


      Thanks a lot, my information was obviously outdated.

      However, I have been running, but will update to the latest version.

      There is a considerable delay between pushing a hue remote and JowiHue registering the change (even though I can see the change instantly in the Hue app). Commands from remotes connected to deCONZ was instantly registered by JowiHue.

      In the JowiHue, I still have this polling setting, so figured this is the cause.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Skjermbilde 2022-08-04 kl. 12.23.42.png
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      Any idea how I can fix this?


        There is nothing to fix there. However, as you have been following there are some issues with the latest version of the plug in... and I would wait for Wim's next update if you can. Or if you can find a previous version .. I"m not sure which version that first supports the event stream from the Hue bridge... you might check the lease notes. The push from the Hue bridge works fine. 'There are some other issues right now with the latest version of the plug in as you have read. I believe I'm currently running no of the plugin.


          I will wait this out.
          Thanks a lot for your help!


            Just an update.

            I updated to the latest version, and there is a much quicker response from JowiHue. Seems the issue is solved!

            Thanks a lot.