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    I am still seeing the plug in encountering a fatal error and restarting. I was also surprised that I removed from the Hue bridge two outdoor Hue sensors and then added one back ink. I turned off the JowiHue plugin and then reenabled it thinking it would on startup get the latest info from the Hue bridge. It started up reporting more sensors that it should have. Eventually it did figure out that it now only had 4 sensors on one of the restarts that it encountered... It doesn't seem to be restarting as often as it was prior to this update, but it is still encountering some issue that results in a restart. The last restart it reported that it was restarting the plugin due to error data tables.

    I am also surprised that we still see rooms and zones reported as "Custom group for $lights"... the V2 api gives the room or zone name that was assigned to then in the Hue Bridge... why don't we see the same reflected then in the plug in?

    is there some level of trace that would let you figure out what is causing the restarts that I can do? The latest update seems to be much better but still issues remain.


    To see if it would help I went into the Hue app and let it do a cleanup on my bridge... and took out all the sensors and then just added one outdoor motion sensor back in. Created what I needed for custom scenes on some rooms and configured the Hue Dimmer switches and also the Aurora Lutron and the two Tap type switches that I have. Then I also rebooted the HS system and let everything come up clean. I noticed on the start up of JowiHue that I got 4 warning messages.... all 4 were of this type ( different ref numbers in each... )

    Warning: please check Custom group for $roomBL (On/Off/Dim) ref: 2411 and Custom group for $roomBL ref: 2410

    What is the problem that this is indicating and what can I do to resolve the issue the plug in is having with these "custom groups" ?