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    Devices - Last updated time

    Not sure if this is a JowiHue issue or not, but a couple of my Aqara temp sensors don't appear to be displaying the last time updated in the status. I've attached a pic of one that displays it and one that doesn't. Any idea if this is a setting somewhere? I've got about 5 of these sensors and they've always displayed it. It seems like I first noticed the info dropping off maybe 2-3 weeks back. Not sure if this happened after an update or not???

    Click image for larger version

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    They should update as long the device sends updates. Of the device not getting updated, go to the properties of the device on the HS device page, check the JowiHue tab. On the bottom you will find the JSON straight from the bridge. What is the date of lastseen and/or lastupdated fields, is this ever updated, recently?

    If not, go to the bridge maintenance page and press scan for devices. Then reset the temperature sensor. do not delete anything, this will refresh the connection tot the device. Then check if the time comes back on the device again?
    -- Wim

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