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Heiman 3HS3AQ air sensor

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    Heiman 3HS3AQ air sensor

    Hi, has anybody managed to read the data from the Heiman 3HS3AQ air sensor to homeseer with JowiHue (or another method)?
    I'm using the Philips Hue bridge with HS4 and latest version of JowiHue.
    The sensor has an option to make it visible over zigbee 3, but it is not detected when I search using the plugin detection buttons.

    The device seems to be unknown yet. I am checking this on I doubt if Philips Hue will support the device ever. On deCONZ (with a RaspBee or Conbee) the chance to get this supported is your best chance. But you then need to ask for new device support on in the new devices section.

    -- Wim

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      Thanks, so as I understand it, I need a ConBee II first for that.
      I will think about buying that or look for an other CO2 monitor which works with z-wave.