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Device reference exists after uninstall

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    Device reference exists after uninstall

    This might not be a plugin issue, but figured I would check here first. I started using the included Hue plugin instead of the JowiHue plugin during one of my upgrades a while back (like two years ago lol). After uninstalling JowiHue, I still have a reference to JowiHue in my Location 1 and Location 2 drop-downs (even though there are no devices attached to either Location group), and I get the error message below every time HS starts up.
    HomeSeer Warning Device (3787) JowiHue JowiHue Group group51 (CT) references a parent, but the parent does not exist
    HomeSeer Warning Issue checking child device (3787) JowiHue JowiHue Group group51 (CT)

    ‚ÄčAny direction on how to remove that reference? ... or I guess I can just keep ignoring for another two years :-)

    Enable the Show Device Ref on Status Page in the Custom tab of settings of HS4. Then check the devices page of HS4 en find the device with the reference 3787 and delete it.
    Or filter the devices page of HS4 on location JowiHue and delete all devices presented here?

    -- Wim

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      Enabling "Show Device Ref on Status Page" made the device appear. I can swear it was not visible regardless of what I selected otherwise. Thank you