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Not detecting conbee ii on same machine as HS4

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    Not detecting conbee ii on same machine as HS4

    I just got a conbee ii stick and trying to register that with this plugin, Deconz sees the stick. But the plugin does not detect it. The rest api for Deconz is using port 8080. Does the plugin scan for bridges on port 8080? For the next version of plugin is it possible for user to specify the ipaddress and port for the bridge?

    The plugin does scan for any port the deCONZ is reporting. It should find the conbee. If you choose to add the new bridge, if no bridges are found you can fill in the ip address in the box shown in the add bridge dialog.
    But when you installed and enabled the plugin (assuming you are running on Windows) there is a popup window showing to allow the plugin access to the network. Did you confirm that popup? Otherwise the plugin will not find anything on the network?

    -- Wim

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      I have a Philips Hue Bridge as well which the plugin detects. So I don't get an option to enter ip address. The only choice for me is to select the hue bridge which I do not want at this time. The plugin and deCONZ are installed on the same machine. So it would be a localhost access. I had allowed network access for the plugin.

      For the time being I have resolved it by changing HS4 port to be 81. deCONZ then grabs port 80 and the plugin sees the conbee ii device. I also added a couple of lights.

      So far I am impressed with the plugin. It found both my zigged lights connected to a single switch without any issue in a single scan and I was able to change the color temp to daylight. The native HS4 plugin could not do this. So kudos to your plugin.

      The main reason I got this setup though is to add a Hampton Bay Zigbee fan controller. So that is what I will be trying next.