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Teach me how to choose the source of datacollection on a device using the plugin.

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    Teach me how to choose the source of datacollection on a device using the plugin.


    I need some enlightment.

    I got a Power device to read my electrical consumption, to make calculations and adjust power-costs etc.

    First time around the two devices did not report anything, but after adjusting to a bigger range on one of the devices, the "electrical metre total consumption" started to display it's value.

    The Power device display "0W" value, but from the printscreen of the object info, the "Power"-part of the "ZHAPower-device" shows "null" too.
    The "current" line looks like it is reporting the correct data, but that info is completely missing from the Advanced information on the Status/graphics page.

    I got a question:

    Q1 Is there a way for me to tell the plugin and this device, to read from a different spot, if needed? In this case, the "current"-line?

    Q2: There are more info as well, is it possible to add voltage and other info to my devices, and make new child-devices?

    I thought upgrading from HS3 to HS4-plugin version would help, but it has not made any difference so far. in this matter.

    And the "object info" page must have relocated, it doesn't show in the HS4 version. but I have added the HS3 printscreen before the swap.

    Any suggestions that help me to get this device up and running properly is of GREAT help.

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    Often the extra informtion like the current and voltage gets added after some time by the plugin. So maybe at this moment the features are present? Other wise stop the plugin, and delete the plug device from the HS device list. Then start the plugin again and let the plugin recreate the plug device. I guess it will then create the extra features for you?

    -- Wim

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