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Aqara vibration device as door knock sensor

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    Aqara vibration device as door knock sensor

    OK, the device is working with JowiHue and HS4, and I can adjust sensitivity. At zero it was too sensitive, at 1 it seemed OK, but I kept getting alerts with no door knock or movement. Then I tried 2 and it no longer worked with a door knock. OK, 1 it is.

    I'm wondering if it is particularly sensitive to vibration in specific directions, and if i have it positioned incorrectly. It is stuck to the front door with the circular sticky ring. I decided to have the button at the top so it can be accessed. Does this look OK or have I got it the wrong way up ?

    Click image for larger version

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    I am not sure. I have two of these sensors here laying around. One of them I am using laying on top of the dryer. This one also gives false hits every now and then. I solved it by trigger on longer shakes - after all the dryer does not stop immediate. With a door this will be a different story. I do not think it should matter which side is up... with me playing with them I at least did not notice issues with it?
    -- Wim

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