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    Time and date

    Does anyone know how to get the value to display correct for Time and date.
    And also the possibility to write the value back.

    I have the following datapoints in two separate HS devices.

    11.001, TreeOctet Date
    In ETS i can see the value 1E 0A 14 this also shows as 10/30/2020
    In HS i get a decimal value of 1313310

    10.001, TreeOctet time of day
    In ETS i can see the value B5 1C 16 this also shows as Friday 9:28:22 PM (Friday 21:28:22)
    In HS i get a decimal value

    In HS there are the DeviceValue (a floating point number), DeviceString (text and graphics) , and LastChange(date) properties of a device. If a 11.001 or 10.001 is mapped to a HS device, then what do you want to see in the three properties of the device when a KNX message is received?


      For the 11.001 I would like to see the date and for the 10.001 I would like to see Hour:Minute:Second
      An the possibility to set/send this value with a event. It is not importent what graphics to display in HS for this devices.

      I have two knx displays
      I notice that the clock is off by several minutes after some vecks. I would like to have a event set the correct time with intervals.


        Both of these would be put in the DeviceString property of HS as text. This means it useful for viewing, but awkward to use for automation. There are no HS event triggers available for DeviceString, but can be via script and I have been told that EasyTrigger plugin can trigger on strings. The event action would be something like %hs.SetDeviceString(RefNumber,"Some Date")

        The other thing I could do is place the number of days and number of seconds in the DeviceValue so it would be easier for automation. The HS DeviceStatus will still show the DeviceString text, but triggers could be built upon the DeviceValue.


          The attached contains encoding/decoding of datapoint types 10.001 and 11.001 to be in terms of seconds and days respectively in HS. The manual Section 3.2.1 describes the HS interface. I don't have a good means to test. Let me know how it goes.

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