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mcsMQTT - Fails to authenticate to mosquitto broker

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    mcsMQTT - Fails to authenticate to mosquitto broker

    I just recently downloaded this plugin. I'm impressed by the amount of work that has definitely went into this. Great job!!

    I unfortunately can't connect to an external broker with authentication. This local broker works, as well as an external broker without authentication. Albeit it seems like there is a glitch to even get it to connect without authentication. I have had to either stop the plugin and start it again while removing the IP address or port to be able to have it connect. I can connect to mosquitto broker from other clients without any issues. Perhaps I am doing something incorrectly. I have linked to a thread below where I posted before I realized that it was related to HS3.

    mcsMQTT Failing to Authenticate

    My Environment setup

    HS4 on alpine-linux in a docker container
    Mono JIT compiler version
    mcsMQTT Plugin Version

    I receive the same messages as linked to in the thread above. Is this still an ongoing issue? I couldn't find any other issues related to authentication within the forums here.

    mcsMQTT debug log

    Click image for larger version

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    mosquitto debug log

    Click image for larger version

Name:	mosquitto.png
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    I'm happy to provide more information to help solve this.


    The resolution when this was reported before was to retype the password on the General tab. The password is encrypted when storing to mcsMQTT.ini and the method of encryption changed when going from a single broker to a multi-broker implementation.

    If this does not solve the problem then more debug can be added to help isolate.

    The assumption is that SSL and certificates are not being used with the broker and only username/password.


      Thanks for the quick reply Michael. After trying your suggestion of retyping the password, after a few tries it worked. Your assumption was correct, I was not using SSL yet. I would like to though. I have a Let Encrypt cert setup on my mosquitto broker, so I won't need any client certs. What is the process for getting it to connect via SSL now? Do I just need to change the port and choose an option from the drop down for the broker security? Also, for future reference, how do I enable more verbose logs?


        I do not use SSL and very much a novice in this area with the last time being when I was testing the implementation. The manual has an extensive description on using it.

        You will find few clients that can do encrypted communications so if you setup the broker to use it then you will be limited into the clients that will be able to connect.