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Revamp of History Data Collection and Viewing

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    Revamp of History Data Collection and Viewing

    Version is a significant internal change to support a consistent method of topic and device selection for use in History and Charting. The filters that exists on the Association tab to help zero-in on the data of interest have been applied to the History and Chart tabs as well.

    Dropdown selectors are extensively used in the process of selecting the data of interest. These work quite well with HS3 plugin with immediate AJAX update of all dependent controls when a change is made. In the HS4 plugin case it is a little clunky when a selector needs to be updated dynamically. The bootstrap HTML used for the selector needs to be initialized/refreshed when the selector is rendered. The page load contains the scripting logic to do this. When updating only a specific part of the page via AJAX the page load event does not fire so the selector become unusable. What I have done is refreshed the page when the selector needs to be redrawn. Not a big deal when using the Association tab because it has focus on a page load. When the refresh is needed on the Chart or History then the user needs to restore focus to the prior tab.

    The History tab now provides the ability to view history of MQTT topics, data stored in SQLite and data stored in InfluxDB. In the case of InfluxDB data can be stored in either the version 1.8 or version 2.0 database, but I have yet to have success reading the data back using the API from the 2.0 database.

    At this time InfluxDB does not have internal charting capability, but the hooks are in place to add it.

    Updater packages are at for HS4 plugin and for HS3/HS4 plugin. The Updater Override process can be used to do the install. If you are not familiar with the process there are instructions as the bottom of the first post at

    Thank you for providing this update! However the plugin links don't seem to work correctly, getting 404 error.


      The same here, an error message when contacting the given URL:
      Not Found
      The requested document was not found on this server.


        I uploaded again today. They are there now.