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Dimmer device compatible with Google Home

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  • Michael McSharry
    Did you look at section 4.1.30 of the mcsMQTT user manual mcsMQTT.pdf? "How do I create a device that has both slider and on/off button controls"?

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  • SituFangs
    started a topic Dimmer device compatible with Google Home

    Dimmer device compatible with Google Home

    HI! I am trying to setup a dimmer device that can be controlled by Google Home (voice controlled). I subscribed to the STATEIMMER topic, which gives me a slider from 0-100. This can be controlled successfully from Google Home. However, On/Off is more challenging.

    I manually (with some scripting help) created an On and Off button, values Appvalley 0 and 100. But this sets the Dimmer to the lowest and highest values, not actually on and off. So when I turn off the light by voice, it isn't easy to turn on again by the physical button as I need to turn it up all the way. When I turn the lights on, it is being set at the highest level.Tweakbox

    I need to send a cmnd/xyz/power on/off for on and off. And a cmnd/xyz/dimmer for values 0-100. Al in the same feature, so Google Home understands and can turn off the light while retaining the last level, and turn on the device at that level again.

    Any good ideas? I don't see how (with the use of LABEL and VALUE) I can do a proper replacement to construct the correct MQTT command.