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Backup Provision in mcsMQTT

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    Backup Provision in mcsMQTT

    With version the backup approach has changed to allow the user the specify the path to the backup folder. Rather than a checkbox to enable/disable the backup there is now a text box. It will default to a blank textbox (i.e. no backup done) even if backkup was previoulsy enabled.

    The backup will be performed at midnight and take a snapshot of all the files in the \Config, \Data, and \scripts folders. Previously only databases were backup up. Now it will back up all files in those folders including the HS and other plugin files. It will create compress the files and create a new folder each day.

    It is possible in the future to add user options to this capability such as a backup of \Homeseer rather than just the three folders, backup of only mcsMQTT data, removal of backup after some retention period. This will be based upon user feedback.

    My motivation for this is that my HS disk became full with multiple days of backups. HS was still running, but things got messed up as file saves, such as settings, became corrupted due to the lack of space. Now by using a USB drive as an external backkup the problem should not recur.


    Is there a list of which files go in which folder for upgrading from a previous version? (HS4)?


      The linked zip files are in Updater format. You can use the updater override process to tell updater to install from local path rather than the HST site. A description of this process is at the bottom of the first post at Direct Storage from HS Devices to InfluxDB - HomeSeer Message Board. Rather than doing this you can manually copy the files based upon the instructions provided to the Updater. These instructions contain the destination path. This file is updater_override.json or updater_override.txt which are in the HS4 and HS3 plugin zip files respectively.