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Room location tracking (rehashing HS3 threads)

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    Room location tracking (rehashing HS3 threads)

    Hi Michael,

    I've been trying to read through your old threads and the pdf that you have available and trying to make sense of it all!

    Is Bluetooth still the best way to do room location tracking? As opposed to RFID, Wi-Fi or something else? I'd like to find away to track anything, be it our cell phones in the home, the pets, if a vehicle is coming home or leaving, or just certain objects like keys.

    This post from last year says that BLE didn't make it into the HS4 version, is that still true?

    If more experimenting or testing is needed, I'd be happy to help work towards a solution. I wouldn't be able to help with the programming though, more of guinea pig for testing!


    The use of multiple BLE receivers at different locations within the house for purpose of specific location/room tracking was done with HS3 plugin but will never be ported to the HS4 plugin. There was extremely limited interest and much was involved in the plugin to support it. The greater interest was in home-away type tracking. That is the BLE support that is provided in HS4 with the intent is that the HS computer would have the BLE receiver and report a beacons home/away status. A much simpler problem and setup required by the user.

    There was a recent thread about tracking a smartphone at How to make iBeacon out of iPhone - HomeSeer Message Board which included a reference to room-level detection. I only scanned the reference, but based upon my experiences I did not think it would be a very robust solution.