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Internal Broker Setup + OwnTracks

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    Internal Broker Setup + OwnTracks


    When using mcsMQTT as its own broker, the only thing to setup is to leave the MQTT Broker Name blank, is that correct?

    If we wanted to assign a username and password for access, do we put that information in the MQTT Broker Username and MQTT Broker Password fields?

    If we then wanted to setup this internal broker to work with OwnTracks, do we need to assign a managed DNS to the home IP and open the port in the firewall for external access?


    I have not implemented login credentials for the internal broker, but should be able to do it. It is not required from a functional perspective, but when opening the internal broker to the WAN then it would be a good idea. Any username/password will be accepted by internal broker if a client does provide the credentials.

    Yes you do need a path through the firewall on port 1883 that would be routed to the HS/mcsMQTT IP.


      Ok, sounds good!

      I see the MQTT messages coming into the internal broker now and I see myself on the OwnTracks map, Thank you!

      I'll make it more secure when you implement the credentials!


        With version you can enter a username and password and the internal broker will expect those to be provided by the client such as OWNTRACKS when it connects. The unzipped files go in the \bin\mcsMQTT folder.



          That works great, thank you!

          Are we able use SSL or TLS with the internal broker?


            I did not that step as I do not believe anybody has been using certificates with mcsMQTT. There were issues with the M2MQTT library that is being used and @vsarc updated the library and got it working so that certificates could be used. The internal broker uses the gnattMqtt library which is based on M2MQTT so whatever issues had existed with certificates will likely be in this library as well. It is not an area that I have experience, but if you want to pursue it I will work with you on it. I will be on a road trip for a week so not much contact, but if you want we can give it a try when I get back.


              Hope you had a good road trip!

              I'm open to help test out this feature, but I'm in no rush for it; Everything is working smoothly so far!