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mcsMQTT Cloud vs. Local and Additional protocols

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    mcsMQTT Cloud vs. Local and Additional protocols

    Updater packages for mcsMQTT version are at



    For those that do not know the Updater Override process there is a description in the first post at Direct Storage from HS Devices to InfluxDB - HomeSeer Message Board

    This version adds protocols for command/response POST, UDP as client and/or server, and Webhook/WebSocket for listen-only connections. Previously GET, TCP and MQTT were the only supported protocols. While this is an incremental addition, it also has split the TCP page into a Local and a Cloud page. It is mainly a structural change and not a logic change so I do not expect issues, but it would be nice to have feedback confirming this hypothesis before actually pulling the trigger and releasing it via HS Updater.

    The Update package does contain the updated mcsMQTT.pdf documentation, but it is also available independently at

    HS4 link not working.... NOT FOUND error.


      Filename fixed on server.


        Installed yesterday and it has been running fine.

        Note the following input is in the context of HS3 viewed in Chrome on Windows.

        In terms of UI, it seems confusing to me to have a different set of options for the PI depending on whether I select it thru the PLUG-INS dropdown menu or by clicking the name of the plugin on the left side. You get a different set of menus for each. Also, the tab menus seem inconsistent. Seems to me that I should always have options to follow back to where I came. It just feels like things were developed at different times and haven't been incorporated into a coherent navigation system. Also, the behavior on a stale page is confusing. Most of the time, it seems the behavior is do to nothing and display no error. It makes one thing something happened when it did not. Of course this is all minor in the big scheme of things. But since you asked, that is my feedback.

        I really appreciate all you are doing!


          Can you help me with the navigation observation. What do you mean by clicking on the plugin on the left side. I understand from the Plugins Menu as that is how I normally navigate.

          The use of tabs is a way to putting much information on a page without the need to scroll, but directly index into a position on the page. When you use a tab you have not selected a new page, but have just navigated to a different position on the page. If you changes pages, such as from MQTT page to Local page then the browser navigation controls come into play where you can go back. Can you explain how the navigation can be improved?

          I also do not understand what you find confusing about the tabs. The objective of this version is to make the tabs menu better so functions are not all just stuffed on the one TCP page, but organized so those functions that are Local and those that are likely to be Cloud based are separated on each tab has only one function. Again, what are your ideas to make it less confusing?

          The 15 minute timeout by which the page goes stale is a significant UI issue. I'm trying something different now as I believe the CPU cost to update the browser page every second and on every updated payload displayed on the page is not that great.

          I also noticed that it appears HSPI_MCSMQTT.exe in the HS3 zip file is the HS4 version. The pre-update file of the same name can be used with only loss is the version number is not visible on the HS Plugin page.


            In light of your explanation of your intent, you've done a good job. I was just thinking about it differently. Looking at some of the other plugins, several are consistent with what you have done. You've thought about it more and know the typical use cases far better so please disregard my thoughts.

            When I was mentioning accessing from the left side, what I was talking about is the plugin name being a link to /MQTT. If someone were to access from there, they might miss much of the functionality if they are new to the plugin. I fell into that trap several times and wondered where am I. Some plugin developers make it a link, some don't.


              I installed the update using the override process but the plugin still says I can see in the log that it's copying all of the files without error. Any idea why this is happening?
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                It is likely the wrong version numbers in the file, but the executable should be OK. I will go into town a little later today and reupload the current package with the correct version number


                  Updater package has been revised to at the top of the thread.


                    The HS4 link is not working, getting The requested document was not found on this server.. The HS3 file worked successfully


                      Same mistake as before. I did not rename my upload source file. It has been corrected now on the server.


                        Hi Michael, I just have installed this version.
                        This is maybe of topic.. byt I wonder if there has been any change to BLEMQTT since when it was introduced for linux installation?

                        I have compilled the c program on x64 amd 2700x cpu at that time , so I wonder if there was any change to it in that period because I always replace the BLEMQTT program with the one I compiled last year.

                        I do not think there is any issue with the old one, just curious about any change in that period.

                        thank you


                          BLEMQTT exists for HS3 and a stripped down one for HS4. In the HS4 case I changed the debug level to only errors and a second compile for additional debug. I forgot to put this update in the Updater package so thanks for the reminder.


                          I looked at the HS4 update package and it does contain the two binary for BLEMQTT. One for normal use. One with extended trace data for debug.


                            Ok thank you