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mcsMQTT Change Log (HS4 & HS3)

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    mcsMQTT Change Log (HS4 & HS3)

    Moved from HS3 thread

    PR327 12/21/2019 Incorporated internal MQTT Broker
    PR328 12/21/2019 Added TCP Tab and control of 8 Channel Relay/Input IP module
    PR329 12/27/2019 VSP not cleared when control buttons added. Control use also not set.
    PR329 12/31/2019 Enhanced VSP edit to allow HS Status display to be specified
    PR330 12/31/2019 List type values now automatically update existing VSP definitions in HS device
    PR331 1/2/2020 Reformat Edit tab VSP listing for ease of cut/paste
    PR332 1/2/2020 Change inactive page timeout from 5 minutes to 15 minutes
    PR333 1/3/2020 Accept JSON keys that are not encased in quotes
    PR334 1/8/2020 Separate IP Relay command execution into an independent thread
    PR335 1/10/2020 Non-plugin expressions not initialized until plugin restart
    PR336 1/11/2020 Added $$TASMOTACMND: as a substitution variable
    PR337 1/11/2020 Non-blank topic template will cause "A" checkbox to create publish topic
    PR338 1/11/2020 Added wildcard template for auto-association with HS devices
    PR339 1/12/2020 Added ability to specify subscription template
    PR340 1/12/2020 5.0.4.- Added ability to edit for Edit tab the Floor and Room
    PR341 1/12/2020 Added ability to select Topic vs. static default room and floor
    PR342 1/14/2020 VSP entries do not enumerate correctly when one has been deleted
    PR343 1/14/2020 Changed behavior of Clear VSP button to not change Type to Text when Button or List
    PR344 1/15/2020 Change room and floor selection from text box to drop down list
    PR345 1/23/2020 Added ability to use JSON payload key-value as unique identifier
    PR346 1/25/2020 Added ability to have multiple payload key-value identifiers for same topic
    PR347 1/25/2020 Changed ajax refresh rate from 2 seconds to 1 second for improved responsiveness
    PR348 1/25/2020 Changed sequence number hyperlink to not automatically create HS device
    PR349 1/30/2020 Use of shared dll with mcsShelly
    PR350 1/30/2020 Edit Action in HS aborts plugin
    PR351 1/31/2020 Deserialization errors in HS log on startup
    PR352 2/1/2020 Duplicate key error on some association sorts
    PR353 2/5/2020 Optimization of use of dictionary to use TryGet rather than Contains followed by Item
    PR354 2/5/2020 Floor and Room list retained in mcsMQTT.ini after lastest HS device enumeration
    PR355 2/5/2020 Added auto recognition of WLED topic for HS device creation
    PR356 2/9/20220 Cleanup of control of Shelly RGB2
    PR357 2/9/2020 Data not stored to history database if only accepted selected for history
    PR358 2/12/2015 Action and Trigger text missing when created before version 5.1
    PR359 2/12/2015 Startup failure and retries under Linux since version 5.1
    PR360 2/14/2020 Added HomeAssistant Discovery for disclosures provided by Tasmota
    PR361 2/17/2020 Added HomeAssistant Discovery for disclosures provided by ESPHome
    PR362 2/17/2020 Add Control/Status type of RGBW
    PR363 2/17/2020 Added logic to correct HS creating Control rather than Both for List type
    PR364 2/17/2020 Made URI encoding on a message by message basis (from Edit tab)
    PR365 2/18/2020 Added homesassistant discovery for messages sourced by HS/mcsMQTT
    PR366 2/20/2020 Added HS log message for MQTT Actions being executed
    PR367 2/27/2020 Added Daikin mini-split interface on TCP page
    PR368 2/28/2020 Changing payloads on same topic between JSON and non-JSON breaks parsing.
    PR369 2/29/2020 KNX publish topic automatically populated
    PR370 2/29/2020 KNX subscribe topic reformatted for better HS integration
    PR371 2/29/2020 Force creation of parent topic/devices for better HS4 transition
    PR372 3/20/2020 Added ramp rate device for Shelly devices that have brightness controls
    PR373 3/22/2020 Filter shellies/../announce/../status topics as these prevent proper device creation
    PR374 3/24/2020 Added input to shelly dimmer and made available longpush and timer in association tab
    PR375 3/26/2020 Updates stopped because of database for ElevateKeys created as int and not string
    PR376 3/27/2020 Test HomeAssistant discovery for Zigbee2MQTT and adjust for it's quirks
    PR377 3/28/2019 Change Daikin control from POST to GET
    PR378 3/28/2019 Add debug for chart filename creation and display
    PR379 3/28/2019 Cleanup TCP Relay setup page for proper removal of unit/row
    PR380 3/31/2020 Non plugin device setup not being saved to database
    PR381 3/31/2020 Change chart filenames and delete older than 1 week on restart
    PR382 4/1/2020 Daikin iteration update
    PR383 4/2/2020 Daikin iteration update
    PR384 4/3/2020 Daikiin update for update of HS devices and Fan Quiet/Auto modes
    PR385 4/3/2020 Added replacement variable $$LASTCHANGE:
    PR386 4/3/2020 Moved HomeAssistant discovery publish to General Tab Outbound
    PR387 4/3/2020 Ignore Daikin temp/humidity reports of "--"
    PR387 4/3/2020 Init Daikin state from HS devices to handle startup reporting of "--"
    PR388 4/5/2020 Command topics from non-plugin devices not being saved
    PR389 4/5/2020 Resubscribe when command topic changes when subscribed to specific topics
    PR390 4/6/2020 Fixed plugin lockup when subscribe wildcard template used
    PR391 4/6/2020 Provided separate subscribe templates for each broker
    PR392 4/6/2020 Add checkbox to disable auto device creation on special topics
    PR393 4/7/2020 URI encode checkbox on Edit tab was stuck at no-encoding
    PR394 4/8/2020 Express mode trigger checkbox would not stick on restart
    PR395 4/12/2020 Stop internal broker when external one selected, start when external deselected
    PR396 4/12/2020 Parent creation with multiple hierarchy topics have issues
    PR397 4/13/2020 Button and Sign types disable graphics display
    PR398 4/13/2020 Added feedback heartbeat and restart to internal broker
    PR399 4/13/2020 Changed broker monitor timeout from 1 to 3 missed heartbeats
    PR400 4/14/2020 Statistic tab always shows TOPIC for the last published topic
    PR401 4/18/2020 Topics without "/" give array bounds error when controlling
    PR402 4/18/2020 Technology Address restored to full topic except special case topics
    PR403 4/22/2020 Replace database period in date with colon for time delimiter
    PR404 4/23/2020 Fix parsing of auto associate template
    PR405 4/23/2020 Grouping update to delete parent when new parent defined on Edit tab
    PR406 5/1/2020 Added polling input for the Shelly RGBW2
    PR407 5/1/2020 Added expressions to event action payloads
    PR408 5/3/2020 Check if new Shelly endpoints should be created
    PR409 5/4/2020 Added substitution variables $$DEVICETYPE: and $$DEVICESUBTYPE:
    PR410 5/19/2020 Added delete function for chart setup
    PR411 5/19/2020 Chart axis sync not functional
    PR412 5/20/2020 Chart axis sync setting not restored on chart setup load
    PR413 5/21/2020 RGB color picker is not updating for non-numeric hex colors
    PR414 5/23/2020 Publish topics of length under 7 characters do not work
    PR415 5/23/2020 Added WLED Segment support
    PR416 5/26/2020 WLED cleanup
    PR417 5/28/2020 Remove General Tab, Inbound Management JSON options for HS4 compaitbility
    PR418 6/3/2020 5,2.9.1 HSB Color parent child relationships not maintained
    PR419 6/6/2020 Sliders for HSB devices do not publish
    PR420 6/7/2020 WLED color control of entire strip broke when segments added in
    PR421 6/12/2020 Change of QOS overwrites the publish topic
    PR422 6/14/2020 Improve handling of multiple broker setup
    PR423 6/15/2020 Broker password encryption fails with multiple brokers
    PR424 6/20/2020 Added Rate Control/Status UI type
    PR425 6/20/2020 Made event substitution variables available for general expressions (e.g. $$DVR)
    PR426 6/20/2020 Separated mcsMQTT and mcsShelly folders and URLs to allow both to run together
    PR427 6/21/2020 Some topics being commanded as wled segments
    PR428 6/22/2020 Changed order so all substitutions occur before evaluation in expression
    PR429 6/22/2020 Sync version numbers between HS3 and HS4 plugins ..... in Updater
    PR430 6/25/2020 Added PowerMode and Streamer to Daikin mini-split
    PR431 6/25/2020 Added $$VALUE_EUROPE: replacement variable for comma to period translation
    PR432 6/25/2020 Added Device Name on Edit tab as part of Location entries
    PR433 6/25/2020 Daikin special mode values need 1 parameter value
    PR434 6/25/2020 Daikin normal mode needs to have a kind=1 parameter
    PR435 6/25/2020 Update HS devices following OK response on command
    PR436 6/27/2020 Correct Daiken parsing of returned power mode status
    PR437 6/29/2020 Heartbeat not subscribed when not subscribing to everything (#)
    PR438 6/29/2020 Internal broker restart fails because port 1883 not freed up
    PR439 7/1/2020 Added Shelly i3
    PR440 7/1/2020 Added Shelly Duo
    PR441 7/1/2020 Added Shelly 3EM
    PR442 7/1/2020 Added Shelly Button1
    PR443 7/1/2020 Added Shelly Vintage
    PR444 7/3/2020 Handle decimal character (. vs ,) for inbound expressions
    PR445 7/5/2020 Charting only honoring RegEx and Expression on JSON payloads
    PR446 7/5/2020 Added Shelly Door-Window
    PR447 7/8/2020 Payload template with colon truncates data in template
    PR448 7/9/2020 Fixed conversion to upper case in version
    PR449 7/9/2020 Decoupled MQTT initialization from plug-in startup
    PR450 7/10/2020 Statistics devices incorrectly created and show duplicate in HS4
    PR451 7/10/2020 is treated as internal broker
    PR452 7/11/2020 IP Relay does not control when no MQTT broker selected
    PR453 7/11/2020 Autocreate IP Relay parent and child devices
    PR454 7/12/2020 Link to mcsShelly manual is broken
    PR455 7/12/2020 Status of IP Relays not reflected in HS
    PR456 7/15/2020 Reduce shutdown time
    PR457 7/23/2020 Statistic devices incorrectly named "not-accepted" topic and payload
    PR458 7/24/2020 Statistics devices are not updating
    PR459 8/8/2020 Added support for Serial and IP/Serial devices
    PR460 8/14/2020 Added Tasmota flavor of color temperature to HA discovery
    PR461 8/14/2020 Enable autodiscovery checkbox not functional
    PR462 8/14/2020 + sign replaced by space in text box entry in HS4
    PR463 8/16/2020 Various cleanup in HomeAssistant Discovery for Tasmota ... In Updater
    PR464 8/21/2020 Fix subscribe to only associated that was broken in
    PR465 8/21/2020 Consolidated HomeAssistant Discovery into single parent
    PR466 9/8/2020 Serial port status not correct when opening port
    PR467 9/12/2020 Multiple topics into same HS device not sticking
    PR468 9/12/2020 DVR and other similar replacement variables not parsed correctly
    PR469 9/12/2020 Status-only numbers did not have number range setup in HS4
    PR470 9/14/2020 Change nomenclature from Floor Room to Loc2 Loc ... In Updater
    PR471 9/17/2020 Subscribe to wildcard template aborts the plugin
    PR472 9/25/2020 Added Event conditions to HS4 version only
    PR473 9/25/2020 Enabled all substitution variables in Event Actions
    PR473 9/25/2020 Added SRound in expressions for Number to String conversion
    PR474 9/25/2020 Change Chr to Char in expression (Chr yields stack overflow)
    PR475 9/25/2020 Added ValueSet to ValueChange for device change callback
    PR476 9/26/2020 HTML in text boxes is not HTML-encoded for HS4
    PR477 9/27/2020 Auto-replace number decimal to match regional settings
    PR478 9/27/2020 Added Event conditions for HS3
    PR479 9/29/2020 Automatically recognize regional settings for numeric decimals
    PR480 9/29/2020 VSP not being setup for Buttons
    PR481 9/29/2020 Automatically change DeviceString vs. DeviceValue setting on Contorl/Status UI change
    PR482 9/29/2020 Use gear icon as the default status graphic icon
    PR483 9/29/2020 Unable to select Extract on RegEx for HS4
    PR484 10/4/2020 Unable to send device changes to HS log
    PR485 10/5/2020 Accum device for delta since midnight does not work
    PR486 10/13/2020 Upper case required on replacement variables in payload template
    PR487 10/13/2020 CAPI control for SelectList returns wrong label (workaround HS bug)
    PR488 10/15/2020 LastChange property update honors MISC LastChange property setting
    PR489 10/15/2020 Debug now creates backup on each restart
    PR490 10/15/2020 CAPI control on HS4 only working with range VSP
    PR491 10/16/2020 Added RGB expression function to convert from decimal to RRGGBB
    PR492 10/16/2020 Non-plugin device control from MQTT message does not work
    PR493 10/18/2020 Explicitly manage LastChange based upon MISC LastChange property
    PR494 10/19/2020 5.6.1 0 Added timeout input for Bluetooth beacon
    PR495 10/19/2020 Change MISC property default to include Set does not change LastChange
    PR496 10/19/2020 Added four scripting methods to edit mcsMQTT topic properties
    PR497 10/20/2020 Scripting edit does not handle multiple topics mapped to same HS Ref
    PR498 10/21/2020 Add Reject Topic template
    PR499 10/22/2020 Added transform properties to scripting edit capability ... In Updater
    PR500 10/25/2020 Format broker connect time in days, hours, mins, secs
    PR501 10/25/2020 Chart does not process expressions correctly
    PR502 10/26/2020 Second Y axis scaling setup is ignored
    PR503 10/30/2020 Default room and floor swapped on new device creation
    PR504 10/30/2020 Autocreate new HS mcsMQTT device if missing on startup
    PR505 11/1/2020 Underscores displayed for device names that have spaces
    PR506 11/1/2020 URI encoding setting on Edit tab for non-plugin devices generates error
    PR507 11/1/2020 Added option on General tab to assign a static Device reference for new Features
    PR508 11/1/2020 Changed from PED to mcsMQTT database for CSV, HSB and similar Status/Control UI types
    PR509 11/1/2020 Added Beacon option to store in-range vs. out-of-range rather than RSSI value
    PR510 11/1/2020 Only update Beacon device with the Device Value will change
    PR511 11/6/2020 Auto create device setting cannot be turned off for shellies topic
    PR512 11/6/2020 Confusion on parent device for topics like relay/0 and relay/0/energy where relay/0 is both child and parent
    PR513 11/7/2020 Initialize beacon last report time based upon HS status at startup
    PR514 11/8/2020 Add provision to store into HS energy database
    PR515 11/8/2020 Add $$PAYLOADTopic): substitution variable
    PR516 11/9/2020 Revise handling of energy data in HS database
    PR517 11/9/2020 extra /g and /c topics listed on Association tab for WLED
    PR518 11/10/2020 dvRef not stored in energy database, device not selectable on energy page
    PR519 11/11/2020 allow expressions for VSP payloads in buttons and lists
    PR520 11/11/2020 fix regressions caused by expressions in text, number and button types
    PR521 11/14/2020 Internal broker restarts when not subscribing to all topics
    PR522 11/14/2020 Fixes for storage into HS energy database
    PR523 11/14/2020 Add Daikin with WMP protocol
    PR524 11/14/2020 Button expressions always return -1 or 0
    PR525 11/17/2020 Updates to WMP to address initial integration findings
    PR526 11/17/2020 Added provisions for multiple types of controls/topics on single HS feature
    PR527 11/17/2020 Fixed HSB control from HS slider and color picker for HS4
    PR528 11/17/2020 Fixed unassociation of HSB topic not deleting all HS features
    PR529 11/18/2020 Added ability to have status and control for shutter in single feature
    PR530 11/19/2020 Added Toggle Control/Status UI type (to support shutter vs dimmer)
    PR531 11/19/2020 Added * wildcard for obsolete topic removal so partial segments can be specified
    PR532 11/19/2020 Added Slider control to shutter setup
    PR533 11/20/2020 Merged 5.8 and 5.9 changes into HS3 plugin, cross-check updates
    PR534 11/23/2020 Revise JSON key elevation to topic
    PR535 11/24/2020 Add Shelly Door Window version 2
    PR536 11/25/2020 Plugin restart needed for new HS4 triggers to be recognized
    PR537 11/25/2020 Error in HS4 log when trying to put icon on a Device
    PR538 11/27/2020 Allow beacon parameters to be edited for each beacon
    PR539 11/27/2020 Sliders are not being updated
    PR540 11/28/2020 Restore regional setting consideration to original technique
    PR541 11/28/2020 Charts are not being displayed with null string to double error on page
    PR542 11/28/2020 Restore two pass initialization to improve init time
    PR543 11/29/2020 Elevated topics do no show on charts
    PR544 11/29/2020 Out of memory error when charting 100,000's of records (use sub-sampling)
    PR545 11/30/2020 Add MqttReceiveMessage to simulate MQTT message reception
    PR546 12/1/2020 Add $$TIMEL: and ##DATEL: for long format date and time
    PR547 12/1/2020 Use globalization namespace to identify decimal character
    PR548 12/3/2020 Phantom parent devices created
    PR549 12/4/2020 Added Linux BLE Beacon support for HS4
    PR550 12/5/2020 Publish status of a device if status topic received with a null payload
    PR551 12/5/2020 HS Event Trigger callbacks cannot be selected on HS4
    PR552 12/6/2020 Add status response to query with null payload
    PR553 12/6/2020 Allow query with null payload of either command or status topic
    PR554 12/6/2020 Do not store in HS DeviceValue when WLED devices are created
    PR555 12/6/2020 5.10.42 Round UNIX replacement to be an integer
    PR556 12/8/2020 Added WLED Playlist support
    PR557 12/10/2020 Added WLED Preset support
    PR558 12/10/2020 Added ToHex and FromHex expression functions
    PR559 12/11/2020 Fixed internal broker reset when subscribing to specific topics
    PR560 12/13/2020 Discard non-hex characters in FromHex function
    PR561 12/14/2020 Added MQTT Topic filter for Chart selection
    PR562 12/14/2020 Added Default option for MISC property
    PR563 12/15/2020 Added VGP Max user selection
    PR564 12/15/2020 Fixed Shelly Duo On/Off vs. IsOn true/false
    PR565 12/15/2020 Fixed HS3 VGP Edit submit popup not showing
    PR566 12/16/2020 Fixed short WLED effects list
    PR567 12/16/2020 Added HS Device for WLED Palette
    PR568 12/16/2020 Give feedback on VSP edit for duplicates (and show duplicates)
    PR569 12/17/2020 LastDate hyperlink does not show chart on HS4
    PR570 12/17/2020 RegEx parsing on chart return last data rather than first data
    PR571 12/17/2020 Shelly devices cannot be commanded with HS3 plugin
    PR572 12/19/2020 Don't update HS device if no change unless MISC flag not set (loop on VDs)
    PR573 12/21/2020 Added InfluxDB as a recipient of HS Device/Feature values
    PR574 12/22/2020 Use LastChange MISC flag as criteria for updating HS device
    PR575 12/23/2020 Devices imported from HS3 sometimes show as unknown name
    PR576 12/24/2020 HS4 chart on demand fails unless all parameters specified
    PR577 12/24/2020 Chart failure when only one of YMin and YMax are explicitly specified
    PR578 12/24/2020 Lock Y right to left axis setting ignored on chart on demand
    PR579 12/25/2020 Non-plugin device cannot be controlled with VSP status
    PR580 12/25/2020 Looping on non-plugin device when status is changed
    PR581 12/26/2020 Debug for aqualinkd added
    PR582 12/26/2020 VSP charts do not work
    PR583 12/29/2020 Modify receive queue throttling algorithm
    PR584 12/29/2020 CAPI control labels get text rather than status
    PR585 1/6/2021 Added ability to view HS device history in tabular format
    PR586 1/6/2021 Added Shelly1L
    PR587 1/7/2021 Added ability to use null payload as status request or store null in DeviceString
    PR588 1/7/2021 Error trap placed inside receive queue thread so errors will not kill thread
    PR589 1/7/2021 Replaced spaced in names being written to InfluxDB with underscores
    PR590 1/7/2021 InfluxDB field name selection not sticking
    PR591 1/8/2021 InfluxDB names can now have spaces, decimal values always use period
    PR592 1/18/2021 InfluxDB write without ContentType
    PR593 1/18/2021 MQTT messages not initialized for selection for InfluxDB
    PR594 1/18/2021 Chart updated to allow multiple items on same axis, added legend
    PR595 1/18/2021 Various initialization updates for InfluxDB selected items
    PR596 1/18/2021 Charting update to allow mixture of Infux and SQLite items on same chart
    PR597 1/18/2021 Added option for publish encoding to replace special characters with underscore
    PR598 1/20/2021 Added pool Controller
    PR599 1/22/2021 Added charting using InfluxDB data
    PR600 1/24/2021 Fixed grouping with HS4 ... in Updater
    PR601 1/24/2021 Tasmota discovery of energy devices
    PR602 1/25/2021 Add space before homesasstant discovery suffix to separate from number
    PR603 1/30/2021 Swap $$VSP: and default substitution variables for publish template commands
    PR604 1/30/2021 Fix Shelly Uni topic to be shellyuni
    PR605 1/31/2021 Decimals not showing correctly on Shelly devices ... in Updater
    PR606 2/7/2021 $$LABEL: no longer works correctly so wrong command sent
    PR607 2/9/2021 poolController (Pentair) integration with intellicenter equipment
    PR608 2/10/2021 Added Shelly Motion Sensor
    PR609 2/12/2021 Suffix missing on devices auto-created with homeassistant discovery for HS3 plugin
    PR610 2/13/2021 ShellyUni input/0 and input/1 devices not auto-created
    PR611 2/15/2021 Association Category filter on HS4 duplicate when cateory is changed
    PR612 2/15/2021 Topic filters do not handle pub topics correctly
    PR613 2/16/2021 Added poolController logic for -60 model of chlorinator
    PR614 2/16/2021 Create separate status and control text based upon VSP key vs. status
    PR615 2/16/2021 Parent ref not deleted from database when parent device deleted from HS
    PR616 2/17/2021 pool topics remain in database for renamed circuits
    PR617 2/17/2021 pool heatMode status updated to include Solar Priority and Solar Only
    PR618 2/17/2021 plugin does not fully shutdown if InfluxDB being used on HS shutdown
    PR619 2/17/2021 added final abort at shutdown of all threads that may still be active
    PR620 2/17/2021 unassociated devices get reassociated on restart
    PR621 2/17/2021 renamed pool topics not fully saved to database, causes vsp issues
    PR622 2/23/2021 Added direct support of Broadlink IR and IF
    PR623 2/23/2021 Chart Y axis min/max not honored
    PR624 2/26/2021 Added Shelly Duo RGB ... in Updater
    PR625 3/1/2021 Completed RF learning for Broadlink device
    PR626 3/4/2021 Non-plugin devices not updated when Expressions are used for payload
    PR627 3/5/2021 Non-plugin sub topic entry does not delete the same topic as a plugin device.
    PR628 3/5/2021 Remove white space at front and end of user-entered topics
    PR629 3/9/2021 define pool temperature setpoints to be reasonable range
    PR630 3/9/2021 Allow existing non-plugin ref to be entered into unassociated ref cell to make association
    PR631 3/9/2021 Additional fixes to PR627 for proper management of non-plugin command/sub topic
    PR632 3/11/2021 Creating non-plugin device association from plugin sub topic leaves orphans
    PR633 3/15/2021 Accepting nonplugin devices no longer sticks with
    PR634 3/15/2021 Added mcsMonitor for independent restart of mcsMQTT
    PR635 3/15/2021 Expanded debug backup to last 10 restarts
    PR636 3/16/2021 Allow same pub and sub topics if MISC for Last Change is checked
    PR637 3/16/2021 Pool controller updates for Next version 6.5.2
    PR638 3/17/2021 Pool controller chemController pH and lightgroups remove dim level from HS display
    PR639 3/19/2021 Added option to remove unassociated records on shutdown to improve startup performance
    PR640 3/19/2021 Optimized handling of HSEvent callback to blacklist unused references
    PR641 3/19/2021 IP address in payload treated as number
    PR642 3/22/2021 Chart does not produce device lines for devices with names containing colon
    PR643 3/28/2021 InfluxDB writes were blacklisted if not also published via MQTT
    PR644 3/28/2021 Added Appliance to Broadlink IR/RF for better organization
    PR645 3/28/2021 Implemented import of Pronto Hex IR codes for Broadlink IR
    PR646 3/29/2021 Provide work-around for virtual device not responding to CAPI control
    PR647 4/5/2021 Move statistics into Association tab on MQTT/Statistics pseudo-topic
    PR648 4/5/2021 Normalize SQLite device storages to be same as InfluxDB device storage
    PR649 4/10/2021 Broadlink not working on some Linux versions
    PR650 4/10/2021 Added ability to manage device/feature relatioships of non-plugin devices
    PR651 4/10/2021 Added ability to manage the interface property devices
    PR652 4/11/2021 Added publish-all capability without need of explicit associations ... In Updater
    PR653 4/20/2021 Added support for multiple Broadlink units
    PR654 4/25/2021 Fixed Broadlink temperature & humidity reporting into HS
    PR655 4/25/2021 Added ability to remove items from Broadlink IR/RF library
    PR656 4/30/2021 Added method to change repeat and pulse tweaking for Broadlink IR
    PR657 4/30/2021 Added display of current value in legend of charts
    PR658 4/30/2021 Added pseudo Topic for integral and rate devices to allow for history collection
    PR659 5/1/2021 Use both SQLite and InfluxDB for Charts to handle when data exists in both
    PR660 5/1/2021 Convert InfluxDB universal time to local time for charting
    PR661 5/2/2021 Daikin WMP reports temp in F rather than the temp setting from HS
    PR662 5/4/2021 Add Voice Monkey as means to push to Echo devices
    PR663 5/4/2021 Protect from Broadlink init exception ... in Updater
    PR664 5/12/2021 Add delay in Voice Monkey actions to assure announcement completes
    PR665 5/25/2021 Added controlUse and DeviceAPI properties to Daikin/Intesis devices
    PR666 5/25/2021 Added IfChange function , $$PREVIOUS: and $$PUBLISHED replacement vars
    PR667 5/26/2021 Added OwnTracks page and MQTT tracking
    PR668 5/28/2021 Fix blacklist logic for String Change event
    PR669 5/39/2021 HS4 features recreated on restart since
    PR670 5/31/2021 InfluxDB filter logic update
    PR671 5/31/2021 SQLite history not showing from Assoc Tab payload
    PR672 6/3/2021 Clean up $$STATUS: vs. $$LABEL: vs. $$VSP: ... in Updater
    PR673 6/7/2021 Button graphics not retained in HS device when using Edit tab
    PR674 6/15/2021 Blacklist update from
    PR675 6/21/2021 Virtual Device is not updated when VSP are defined
    PR676 6/22/2021 Allow Expressions in Event Action Topics
    PR677 6/25/2021 Added HTTP protocol for IP Relay control
    PR678 6/25/2021 Close debug log on shutdown so can be copied on next startup
    PR679 6/28/2021 IP Relay On command not working
    PR680 6/29/2021 Add jpg File Control/Status UI to save binary payloads
    PR681 6/30/2020 Include thumbnails for jpg File types ... In Updater
    PR682 7/5/2021 List type does not create VSP icons
    PR683 7/5/2021 Show Rejected filter is ignored
    PR685 7/6/2021 Update to internal broker library
    PR686 7/9/2021 Charts not produced from InfluxDB
    PR687 7/12/2021 Backup changed from restarts to daily in user-specified path
    PR688 7/22/2021 Added YoLink (cloud) integration for sensors
    PR689 7/23/2021 Handle nested inline expressions
    PR690 7/25/2021 Added YoLink Outlet devices
    PR691 7/26/2021 Modified YoLink communications to support multi-install of mcsMQTT
    PR692 7/29/2021 Only update DeviceStatus if not already null for numeric devices
    PR693 7/30/2021 Edit tab feature to clone device configuration... In Updater
    PR694 8/2/2021 HS3 WLED control of segments not working
    PR695 8/4/2021 Add separate Control and Status text in Edit tab VSP
    PR696 8/4/2021 Improved retention of existing graphics for button types
    PR697 8/4/2021 Allow multiple buttons for a Ref with each each topic 's VSPs included
    PR698 8/4/2021 Reset selector for WLED playlist for HS3
    PR699 8/5/2021 Slider graphics only generated if graphic icons do not yet exist
    PR700 8/5/2021 mcsMQTT does not clear graphics when MISC property for NO_GRAPHICS_DISPLAY is set
    PR701 8/5/2021 Add Internal Broker username/password
    PR702 8/5/2021 Don't update device properties on pub topic change
    PR703 8/6/2021 Add HTTP/JSON capability to pull data from a HTTP/REST server
    PR704 8/7/2021 zigbee2mqtt light control missing colon after color for HS4
    PR705 8/12/2021 zigbee2mqtt light control not sent a second time for HS3
    PR706 8/14/2021 allow any client user/pass if internal MQTT broker used and no broker credentials setup
    PR707 8/14/2021 use CAPI ControlValue if ControlString is null for color picker devices
    PR708 8/19/2021 Added Arc trig functions
    PR709 8/20/2021 Fix temperature scaling in Intesis devices
    PR710 8/20/2021 Added YoLink Switch and Garage
    PR711 8/20/2021 Changed YoLink device management to provide meaningful error messages in HS Log
    PR712 8/21/2021 Added ability to disconnect from YoLink Server
    PR713 8/21/2021 Put YoLink Server error messages in HS Log
    PR714 8/21/2021 Fixed Decimal to RRGGBB conversion
    PR715 8/21/2021 Added MD5Hash and BasicAuth Expression functions
    PR716 8/21/2021 Change order of initialization for Intesis devices
    PR717 8/23/2021 Added Geofence setup for Owntracks and distance/home-away logic
    PR718 8/28/2021 Add POST, UDP and Webhook protocols
    PR719 8/28/2020 Revamp TCP page into Local and Cloud pages
    PR720 8/28/2021 Improve robustness of MQTT Broker reconnection
    PR721 8/28/2021 WLED List icons defined for each value rather than range
    PR722 8/29/2021 Browser page disconnect timeout changed from 15 mins to next day
    PR723 8/29/2021 Handled Unique identification of Cloned events
    PR724 9/6/2021 Added GW1000 (Ecowitt, Ambient) Integration
    PR725 9/6/2021 Added additional URL protocols of POST, WebSocket, UDP and TCP in
    PR726 9/6/2021 Added ability for MQTT Broker username/password on HS4 BLEMQTT
    PR727 9/6/2021 Added Evaluation function 'Limit' ... In Updater
    PR728 9/8/2021 Add plugin's CPU use as statistics topic/device
    PR729 9/9/2021 HS4 plugin receive queue limit setting missing
    PR730 9/13/2021 HS4 Local page has Bluetooth settings also on RF/IR tab
    PR731 9/13/2021 GW1000 battery percent logic updated
    PR732 9/13/2021 Ambient console not processed correctly with GW1000.
    PR733 9/13/2021 Inconsistent statistic reporting for broker online/offline formats
    PR734 9/13/2021 Added listeners for MQTT brokers 4, 5 and 6
    PR735 9/13/2021 When MQTT broker disconnected prevent data reception
    PR736 9/15/2021 Added Sense Energy Integration
    PR737 9/15/2021 Added Dewpoint and FeelsLike calculation for GW1000
    PR738 9/15/2021 Changed method of concurrency management (some operations are slower)
    PR739 9/17/2021 Allow HereAway or Lat as Streetmap marker device
    PR740 9/18/2021 GW1000 derived sensors for dew point and feels like
    PR741 9/20/2021 Corrections to GW1000 and Ambient console
    PR742 9/22/2021 Added HS & Plugin CPU monitoring and Enable/Disable/Restart control
    PR743 9/23/2021 High CPU use by incorrect handling of process signaling for Voice Monkey
    PR744 9/23/2021 CPU reporting changed from % core use to % computer use
    PR745 9/23/2021 Optimize the "obsolete" operation for faster execution
    PR746 9/25/2021 Shelly IsOn devices changed from control True/False to On/Off
    PR747 9/25/2021 Added debug output for concurrency management timeouts
    PR748 9/25/2021 Added support for Digest encoding for URL headers ... In Updater
    PR749 9/28/2021 Separated Authentication from Header into dedicated selector on URL tab
    PR750 9/29/2021 Plugin restarts often ... use of HS3 API in HS4 plugin
    PR751 10/1/2021 Adjustments to URL tab to provide separate base URL and endpoint URL
    PR752 10/3/2021 Added Interactive page
    PR752 10/5/2021 Allow replacement variables in URL topics
    PR753 10/9/2021 Revise URL replacement variables to retain their original name rather than resolved name
    PR754 10/9/2021 Suppress Broadlink /set messages in HS Log
    PR755 10/12/2021 Allow non-JSON payload topics to be elevated to topic level
    PR756 10/12/2021 Allow payload criteria to be added to Timeout trigger with ":" nomenclature
    PR757 10/17/2021 BLEMQTT for HS4 fails to reconnect automatically to broker
    PR758 10/17/2021 BLEMQTT for HS4 now allows command line parameters in file CommandLine.ini
    PR759 10/19/2021 Remove restriction of five Broadlink devices
    PR760 10/21/2021 shellymotionsensor parsing issue with colon in the time key
    PR761 10/24/2021 Indexing issue on URL tab when IPs are deleted
    PR762 10/25/2021 Broadlink play icon lost when editing VSP of IR or RF Device Feature
    PR763 10/26/2021 Added HSB control for WLED
    PR764 10/28/2021 Added plugin controls for multi-instance HS3 plugins
    PR765 10/30/2021 Shelly RGBW2 white channel scaled 255/100 twice
    PR766 10/30/2021 Added Home-Away BLE capability to HS3 plugin
    PR767 10/30/2021 Renamed BLEMQTT for HS4 to BLEMQTTHS4
    PR768 10/30/2021 Fixed lack of MQTT messages from BLEMQTT following reconnection with broker
    PR769 11/3/2021 Fixed icons for plugin status when plugin is running vs. stopped
    PR770 11/3/2021 Changed HS3 WLED controls to be "both" rather than"control"
    PR771 11/3/2021 Added Tag field to Edit tab and Extra Identification to History tab for InfluxDB
    PR772 11/5/2021 Fixed sort in Association Table for "I" column and others
    PR773 11/6/2021 Added YoLink Siren mode control ...In Updater
    PR774 11/9/2021 TAG replacement variable not initialized correctly
    PR775 11/11/2021 Shelly payload not processed correctly resulting in duplicate log message
    PR776 11/11/2021 Geofence distance can now be specified for each geofence separately
    PR777 11/15/2021 Add Round Robin display of charts
    PR778 11/17/2021 Add Shelly Plus1, Plus1PM and Pro 4
    PR779 11/18/2021 Add ability to remove retained messages on Broker
    PR780 11/18/2021 HS3 does not add sliders to HSB controls for WLED
    PR781 11/19/2021 ShellyEM does not automatically have 'total' feature created
    PR782 11/19/2021 Remove leading / from topics
    PR783 11/19/2021 Obsolete topics not always deleted from database
    PR784 11/23/2021 Normalized WLED names with segments
    PR785 11/23/2021 Recreate WLED HSB controls when HS device was deleted ... in Updater
    PR786 12/4/2021 Add option for associated feature name to be topic or last segment of topic
    PR787 12/4/2021 Add option to specify the SQLite History database location
    PR788 12/9/2021 WLED Saturation and Value features have extraneous VGP definitions
    PR789 12/11/2021 Add features to better integrate charts with HSTouch
    PR790 12/13/2021 Update Eval3 library to include numeric conditional operations
    PR791 12/14/2021 Revise MQTT subscription logic when editing events
    PR792 12/14/2021 Delete unassociated on shutdown does not delete items marked for charting
    PR793 12/18/2021 Shelly dimmer commands not sent when bulb is OFF
    PR794 12/22/2021 Chart on demand fails when multiple devices on axis
    PR795 12/24/2021 Validate VSP on startup
    PR796 12/30/2021 CPU Use measurement errors in debug log for non-plugin processes
    PR797 12/31/2021 Check only for IPV4 use of Internal Broker port 1883, ignore IPV6
    PR798 1/4/2022 Create subtopics for CSV types so database storage option available
    PR799 1/9/2022 Remove timeout from browser pages until socket connection lost
    PR800 1/9/2022 Force fixed width on Payload column of Association tab
    PR801 1/9/2022 Add Rheem EcoNet Integration
    PR802 1/13/2022 Remove [ ] from start and end of JSON payloads
    PR803 1/13/2022 Remove CR and LF from JSON payloads
    PR804 1/13/2022 Use CAPI string vs. value based upon StatusType=Text
    PR805 1/17/2022 Add InfluxDB 2 as source for showing history and charts
    PR806 1/17/2022 Restart Internal Broker on username or password change
    PR807 1/23/2022 Added Espresense integration for room isolation of bluetooth
    PR808 1/28/2022 Added option to elevate wildcarded keys for device uniqueness
    PR809 2/3/2022 Added session variable support to URL tab
    PR810 2/3/2022 Added ability to send querystring rather than body data in POST requests
    PR811 2/5/2022 Added replacement variables $$PARENTREF: and $$PARENTNAME:
    PR812 2/6/2022 Is_light and Is_Dimmable added to MISC on Edit tab
    PR813 2/11/2022 Flume Integration with oAuth2 and generic use of .pub files with URL/
    PR814 2/11/2022 Added $$YEAR $$MONTH $$DAY $$HOUR $$MINUTE and $$SECOND
    PR815 2/17/2022 CPU use monitor and Shutdown/Restart for HS4 Service
    PR816 2/17/2022 Slider controlUse changed from ControlColor to Dim (for Alexa/Google voice)
    PR817 2/18/2022 Added Local_DateTime and Format_DateTime expression functions
    PR818 2/18/2022 HS Service shutdown/restart errors in HS log
    PR819 2/20/2022 Changed slider range from 0-100 to 1-100 to support voice control
    PR820 2/20/2022 Change Shelly & WLED devices that have dimmer function to use negative Off & On values
    PR821 2/20/2022 Fix breakage in Shelly devices when Shelly Plus/Gen2 devices added ... In Updater
    PR822 2/21/2022 Added SSL and headers to Daikin
    PR823 2/22/2022 Provided SSL ServicePoint for https REST connections
    PR824 2/25/2022 Ignore expired SSL certificates from servers on local LAN when using https
    PR825 2/27/2022 Auto publish based upon HSEvent sends to all brokers rather than a specific broker
    PR826 3/1/2022 Added Interim Emporia Energy Vue support
    PR827 3/4/2022 Shelly Uni JSON parsing log errors
    PR828 3/5/2022 Regression on URL tab from where setting not restored
    PR829 3/6/2022 JSON arrays not parsed correctly
    PR830 3/6/2022 Emporia support for multiple Grids
    PR831 3/9/2022 Added InfluxDB key option of Loc2_Loc1_DeviceName_FeatureName
    PR832 3/13/2022 Emporia auto-scaling expression not saved to database
    PR833 3/15/2022 JSON array not parsed correctly (newtonsoft errror)
    PR834 3/15/2022 Optimize JSON object parsing
    PR835 3/19/2022 Allow Grouping for both Parent/Devices and Children/Features
    PR836 3/19/2022 Consider HS3 Devices without parent association to be a Feature
    PR837 3/20/2022 Topics that have ? or & do not produce Edit popup correctly
    PR838 3/20/2022 JSON Payload with null arrays generate exception
    PR839 3/21/2022 Tolerate JSON Payload with nested quotes, replace quote with apostrophie
    PR840 3/21/2022 Restart needed after Interface property changed on Edit tab
    PR841 3/23/2022 Reset GW1000 listener if no data received for 10 minutes
    PR842 3/24/2022 Added GW1000 timeout parameter
    PR843 3/26/2022 CPU utilization JSON needs to use period (never comma) for fractions
    PR844 3/26/2022 TCP_in protocol expected 'EOL' terminator. Removed dependency.
    PR845 3/27/2022 JSON data not processed in HS3-only (HS4-->HS3 transcription error)
    PR846 3/27/2022 Dewpoint calculation errors on F to C to F conversions.
    PR847 3/28/2022 Add Device API options to the Edit tab
    PR848 3/29/2022 Add Custom Database
    PR849 3/29/2022 HS4 Device API Subtypes not processed correctly
    PR850 3/30/2022 Grouping causes Feature to change to Device
    PR851 3/30/2022 Add restore timeout to Topic Discovery setting
    PR852 4/1/2022 Corrected HS Device UI for URL for Open/Close vs. Polling
    PR853 4/1/2022 Added $$WANIP: as replacement variable WAN-facing address
    PR854 4/2/2022 Added ability to send response to Webhooks and Websockets
    PR855 4/3/2022 Allow polling of URL without an endpoint
    PR856 4/3/2022 Fix Elevate with Newtonsoft JSON decoding
    PR857 4/4/2022 Multiple instances of polled URLs are active
    PR858 4/4/2022 SSL added for TCP Listener
    PR859 4/6/2022 Change Emporia naming to assure Name and Usage are in sync
    PR860 4/6/2022 Add ability for multiple GW1000 units
    PR861 4/7/2022 Added subscribe options to non-plugin devices Edit tab
    PR862 4/10/2022 Added mySQL and SQL Server as external database options
    PR863 4/11/2022 Added IFDELTA expression function
    PR864 4/12/2022 Fixes for external database upon completion of MS SQL Server testing
    PR865 4/13/2022 Separate ValueChange and Value Set as non-plugin triggers
    PR866 4/13/2022 HS3-only Parent regrouping results in log exception
    PR867 4/14/2022 MySQL errors when creating table with unbounded VARCHAR
    PR868 4/17/2022 Edit tab on HS4 for Device Location made larger
    PR869 4/17/2022 Add Epson projector ESP/V21 protocol
    PR870 4/17/2022 Epson projector integration updates
    PR871 4/17/2022 Provisions added for user setup of additional Epson API commands ... In Updater
    PR872 4/23/2022 Espresense distances not localized for period vs. comma
    PR873 4/23/2022 Include the HomeSeerData.json folder in mcsMQTT backup
    PR874 4/24/2022 Flux query for InfluxDB2 returns no chart data
    PR875 4/24/2022 Delta Accum device goes negative
    PR876 4/24/2022 Include Broker connect status on General tab
    PR877 4/25/2022 Break debug into 10 daily debug files to reduce potential size
    PR878 4/25/2022 Nuisance "JSON Payload not in proper format" messages in HS log
    PR879 4/26/2022 Comma rather than period in CPU usage number JSON
    PR880 4/26/2022 Shelly JSON not parsed correctly
    PR881 4/29/2022 Scaled Daikin/Intesis Setpoint by 0.1 if over 100
    PR882 4/29/2022 Added $$AES128(text,key): replacement variable
    PR883 5/4/2022 oAuth2 token not automatically refreshed on expiration
    PR884 5/4/2022 10 backups made for debug log
    PR885 5/6/2022 Added ability to delete rooms in Espresense room table
    PR886 5/8/2022 Add Resources tab to Local Page for performance monitoring
    PR887 5/13/2022 Add Coulisse B.V. / blinds control
    PR888 5/14/2022 Shelly Dimmer composite IsOn & Brightness device ... In Updater
    PR889 5/17/2022 Accum device delta adds rather than subtracts from midnight totals
    PR890 5/19/2022 Added Emporia outlet control
    PR891 5/20/2022 Plugin does not restart using mcsMQTT plugin controls
    PR892 5/22/2022 Chart X axis labels improved
    PR893 5/22/2022 History tab setup formatting not correct
    PR894 5.29/2022 Added ability to Edit Broker and Topic Discovery by Broker
    PR895 5/31/2022 Chart legend last value not value of last reading
    PR896 6/1/2022 Exclude BLE beacons that do not have valid MAC
    PR897 6/1/2022 Added ability to Edit Broker for non-plugin devices
    PR898 6/2/2022 Fixed JSON Boolean not being converted to True/False
    PR899 6/3/2022 Added CASE, IFEQ, IFGT, IFLT expression function
    PR900 6/5/2022 Added ability for non-plugin device to specify a non-JSON sub Topic
    PR901 6/6/2022 One-time convert JSON array index from 1 characters to 2 characters
    PR902 6/6/2022 Improve non-wildcard elevate to topic functionality
    PR903 6/6/2022 Removed sudo on netstat Linux request
    PR904 6/7/2022 Restore IF expression that was removed when CASE added
    PR905 6/7/2022 Apply RegEx to Payload rather than to HS Device Value/String
    PR906 6/8/2022 Allow received messages from mcsMQTT if it does not appear to be circular loop
    PR907 6/9/2022 Update HS properties if new List type device adds new entry
    PR908 6/9/2022 Clear VSP should also clear any define VSP in HS Device
    PR909 6/11/2022 Added Last button to combined slider/button devices
    PR910 6/12/2022 Added Shelly PRO 4PM, 2PM, I4
    PR911 6/13/2022 Decoded Plex topic body key to form standard JSON ... In Updater
    PR912 6/17/2022 Emporia Pub file caused scaling to be incorrrect
    PR913 6/18/2022 JSON work-around for True vs. true fails when same multiple keys exist
    PR914 6/18/2022 Shelly Plus 1 & 1PM create extraneous devices
    PR915 6/29/2022 Non-plugin device properties modified if non-plugin ref entered on green association
    PR916 6/30/2022 Updates to Shelly Plug US
    PR917 7/8/2022 Added NuHeat on Cloud page ... [Includes for HS4]
    PR918 7/8/2022 Shelly Dimmer not working when using separate on/off and brightness
    PR919 7/8/2022 Set Shelly ramp rates to range 0 to 100 seconds as default
    PR920 7/9/2022 Shelly Vintage control not correct
    PR921 7/9/2022 NuHeat returns bad format response on thermostat commands
    PR922 7/14/2022 Allow all Shelly with brightess control can combined on/off and brightness into one HS device
    PR923 7/14/2022 Shelly Gen2 switch sends on/off rather than true/false when button pressed in HS
    PR924 7/15/2022 Shelly LWT topic added for Gen2 devices and monitor added for offline monitoring
    PR925 7/16/2022 Cannot control Shelly On/Off-Brightness when not auto-created
    PR926 7/18/2022 NuHeat thermostat control now functional
    PR927 7/19/2022 Remove Operating Mode as a default NuHeat device
    PR928 7/20/2022 Publish Windows Stack BLE Beacon if Beacon Topic has a pub Topic
    PR929 7/21/2022 Rebuild MQTT Receive triggers after event trigger edit [Includes for HS4]
    PR930 7/22/2022 Clone from Edit tab aborts with invalid property write operations fro HS4
    PR931 8/3/2022 Tasmota Discovery does not create thermostat device correctly
    PR932 8/7/2022 Added Nexia/ASAir/Trane thermostats (via Cloud) ... [Includes for HS4]
    PR933 8/8/2022 System Status added for Nexia
    PR934 8/8/2022 DeviceTypes corrected for HS4 Nexia
    PR936 8/9/2022 Set POST content length to 0 if no payload to POST
    PR937 8/9/2022 Wildcard elevate issue when wilcarded key embedded inside other keys
    PR938 8/10/2022 TCP in Webhook remove HTTP header if present
    PR939 8/10/2022 Plex JSON format test build
    PR940 8/18/2022 Use the most recent Homeassistant Discovery information provided
    PR941 8/19/2022 Check webhook data availability after reading data rather than before
    PR942 8/22/2022 Parse header in Webhook if HTTP protocol data received
    PR943 8/22/2022 Improve logic in Elevate JSON key to unique topic identifier
    PR944 8/22/2022 History table does not always save and show messages
    PR945 8/22/2022 WMP checkbox does not stick checked
    PR946 8/23/2022 Homeassistant discovery for climate does not have a state_topic
    PR947 8/23/2022 Use homeassistant discovery as long as a HS device has not yet been created
    PR948 8/23/2022 Allow use of REST (URL) in publist without setting up a URL tab IP
    PR949 8/25/2022 Change Elevate UI from eleveate key row to parent topic row
    PR950 8/26/2022 Rate device cannot be created in HS4
    PR951 8/26/2022 Added "None" option for rate device rate interval to allow it to be used as general purpose device
    PR952 8/28/2022 Fixed Energy subType to store in HS Energy database
    PR953 8/29/2022 Elevate logic cleanup, reformat database on init to recognize JSON key from prior versions
    PR954 8/29/2022 Added Publish option to publish on Set vs. only on Change of DeviceValue
    PR955 8/29/2022 Clean up Device Type / SubType for HS4 Features edit on Edit tab
    PR956 8/29/2022 Add && and || operators(AND, OR) for MQTT Receive Trigger payload
    PR957 8/31/2022 Wildcarded topics, when obsoleted, delete all topics of the group
    PR958 9/1/2022 Remove debug for updater submittal ... In Updater
    PR959 9/3/2022 Add use of script in Expression textbox e.g. test.vb($$PAYLOAD: )​​​​​​​​​
    PR960 9/3/2022 Allow Rate/Extra device to be daisy-chained for multple extra devices
    PR961 9/10/2022 Allow Expression on Accum device
    PR962 9/10/2022 Emporia scaling in expression does not change from $$PAYLOAD*1
    PR963 9/10/2022 Rate and Accum checkboxes checked by default on Emporia and other special topics
    PR964 9/11/2022 DeviceString change does not show from/to values in HS log
    PR965 9/11/2022 HS4 SDK depreciated Status to retrieve DeviceString, now StatusString
    PR966 9/19/2022 URL event action gives string not bolean error
    PR967 9/20/2022 URL Topic does not accept querystring for POST from Device Change
    PR968 10/6/2022 Periodic charts eventually stop working
    PR969 10/11/2022 Don't remove rejected topics on shutdown
    PR970 10/15/2022 Improve thread/handle usage on MQTT page operations
    PR971 10/26/2022 Values at endpoint in JSON array not decoded
    PR972 10/30/2022 New MQTT library (no internal broker lockup, MQTT 5)
    PR973 11/3/2022 URL GET protocol duplicates URL for endpoints starting with /
    PR974 11/3/2022 Postback on all pages except MQTT generate postback error
    PR975 11/5/2022 Add Shellyplus2pm and Shellyplus2
    PR976 11/6/2022 Elevate key textbox missing on Edit tab - HS3 only
    PR977 11/9/2022 JSON array treated as CSV do not parse into individual elements - HS3 only
    PR978 11/9/2022 Distinguish Shelly Plus Switch vs. Cover mode
    PR979 11/11/2022 Handle JSON parsing of array or arrays
    PR980 11/11/2022 Provide status for Shelly cover for opening and closing, update icons
    PR981 11/15/2022 Handle subscribe to Gen2 Shelly devices if Topic Discovery option 2 selected
    PR982 11/19/2022 Edit tab does not render Floor and Room selectors
    PR983 11/19/2022 DateAdd function added for doing math on date expressions
    PR984 11/27/2022 Add support to Tasmota Discovery protocol
    PR985 11/29/2022 Adjust Chart X axis labeling to be more informative
    PR986 11/30/2022 Enhance publist creation as text file
    PR987 12/03/2022 Shellyplus subscription not correct when subscribing to only associated topics
    PR988 12/04/2022 Provide ajax update as Broker IP is changed between internal to external
    PR989 12/04/2022 Improve auto recovery of lost or changed Broker
    PR990 12/04/2022 Add tf_chl and tc_chl keys for Ecowitt interface auto device creation
    PR991 12/09/2022 HS Room based upon Topic should not include JSON key segment
    PR992 12/11/2022 Nexia parsing of third_party_integrations & members
    PR993 12/18/2022 Nexia add Operating State and fix other zone feature parsing
    PR994 12/19/2022 MQTT Message action does not work for Serial/ Topics
    PR995 12/20/2022 WLED does not created all devices on HS3 plugin
    PR996 12/25/2022 Add second cloud server for Nexia/Trane to add additional features
    PR997 1/4/2023 Expand Interactive page to include interactive script execution ... In Updater
    PR998 1/9/2023 Add user-specified processes for resource monitoring
    PR999 1/11/2023 Use HS DeviceValue rather than last Nexia setpoint for setting Heat/Cool setpoints
    PR1000 1/12/2023 Tasmota discovery does not autocreate RESULT:Color association
    PR1001 1/14/2023 Add new variants of zigbee2mqtt discovery for lights
    PR1002 1/15/2023 Add Shelly Plus Add-On
    PR1003 1/15/2023 Dynamically resize MQTT receive max limit to handle startup retained messages
    PR1004 1/19/2023 Check if Host supports IPV6 with MQTT library (MQTTnet update)
    PR1005 1/19/2023 Improve MQTT Broker reconnect on configuration change
    PR1006 1/19/2023 InfluxDB device field blank when Save All option is used
    PR1007 1/20/2022 Added ability to do daily backup on user-specified folders
    PR1008 1/20/2022 Added ability to do incremental backup between user-specified intervals
    PR1009 1/22/2022 Various WLED integration updates (no change to segments)
    PR1010 1/26/2022 EcoNet URL broken in version 6 update
    PR1011 1/27/2022 WLED updates for broken features
    PR1012 1/31/2022 WLED dynamic Effect & Palette list
    PR1013 1/31/2022 WLED White channel does not sync with HS
    PR1014 2/1/2023 Split auto device creation option into recognized topics vs. discovery protocol
    PR1015 2/4/2023 Inspect event changes and only resubscribed to MQTT broker when a Topic was changed/added/removed
    PR1016 2/10/2023 EcoNet expansion for auto device creation and auto TLS1.2 use
    PR1017 2/14/2023 Run obsolete at shutdown in independent process due to HS timeout on shutdown
    PR1018 2/14/2023 Reorder Inbound Managment options to place related options together
    PR1019 2/15/2023 All Extra device to be user-specified
    PR1020 2/15/2023 EcoNet correction on dynamic status updates
    PR1021 2/15/2023 Add EcoNet polling capability
    PR1022 2/16/2023 Handle other forms of EcoNet push traffic beyond simple report
    PR1023 2/20/2022 Restart BLE Watcher to confirm a beacon has dropped out
    PR1023 2/22/2022 Add ReadDatabase plugin scripting function to support integrity check
    PR1024 2/25/2022 Initial Venstar thermostat integration with HS4
    PR1025 2/26/2022 HS3 Venstar integration and update for validation of thermostat command
    PR1026 2/26/2022 Accommodate delivery of Shelly non-JSON compliant payloads
    PR1027 2/27/2023 Persist chart selections across restarts
    PR1028 3/5/2023 Hubspace integration for outlets and color light bulbs
    PR1029 3/12/2023 Add Shelly Pro 3EM
    PR1030 3/13/2023 Add ability to import file of Pronto IR codes
    PR1031 3/13/2023 Revert InfluxDB space escape to remove added backslash
    PR1032 3/15/2023 Add Hubspace "switch" (device includes PIR sensor & dimmer)
    PR1033 3/20/2023 Add Switchbot integration
    PR1034 3/20/2023 Provide Shelly capability for slider with buttons to have slider to to 0
    PR1035 3/21/2023 Add $$PAYLOAD_EUROPE replacement variable
    PR1036 3/21/2023 Pronto to Broadlink has too many padding bytes at end
    PR1036 3/21/2023 Remove restriction that first four bytes of Pronto be 00
    PR1037 3/21/2023 Add Venstar Model options as user selection
    PR1038 3/31/2023 Various Switchbot updates related to Blinds, Bot and IR
    PR1039 3/31/2023 MQTT Broker disconnect/reconnect checkbox fails on multiple brokers
    PR1040 3/31/2023 GW1000 timeout protection does not work
    PR1041 3/31/2023 Added button on General Tab to zip and upload debug file (HS4 only) ... In Updater
    PR1042 4/7/2023 Added Tank Utility on Cloud Page
    PR1043 4/7/2023 Unable to remove Broadlink IP from Local Page (except last one)
    PR1044 4/10/2023 Initialization provides error about chart related to "All" selection
    PR1045 4/10/2023 Add CommandWindow execution tab to Local Page - APS access
    PR1046 4/15/2023 Hubspace creates new Features under single Hubspace Device
    PR1047 4/15/2023 SQLite History view of Devices shows no data if sort is by LastDate
    PR1048 4/15/2023 Auto-reformat Emporia from 6.0.x.x to 6.3.x.x format in mcsMQTT.db
    PR1049 4/21/2023 Add Abode integration on Cloud Page
    PR1050 4/25/2023 Add Orbit B Hyve integration on Cloud Page
    PR1051 4/30/2023 Add Base64 decoding for jpeg file transfer (Status/Control UI = jpg file)
    PR1052 5/3/2023 Add Abode Fault and Alarm features
    PR1053 5/3/2023 Orbit B Hyve WebSocket functional
    PR1054 5/7/2023 Abode Camera Image upload and privacy control functional
    PR1055 5/7/2023 Orbit B Hyve fully implemented for basic integration
    PR1056 5/8/2023 Added Abode video capture and panel arming countdown timer
    PR1057 5/9/2023 Added Abode Entry Timer and Connection Status. Removed Event Mode
    PR1058 5/11/2023 Add Cloud Page Solar Tab to support Solcast and Solar_Assistant
    PR1059 5/15/2023 Include API key for Solcast on Solar Tab
    PR1060 5/15/2023 Sync running each line completely in Publist
    PR1061 5/20/2023 Add ability to edit pulse timing and repeat count for Broadlink IR
    PR1062 5/23/2023 Complete Orbit B-Hyve integration
    PR1063 5/25/2023 Add Subsampling capability to deal with high rate publishers ... In Updater
    PR1064 6/7/2023 Publist results not updating HS Features
    PR1065 6/9/2023 Add support of Midea thermostat on HVAC tab of Local page
    PR1066 6/9/2023 Add log info for remove unassociated exe
    PR1067 6/9/2023 Update MQTT Statistics in HS on 20 second interval rather than event
    PR1068 6/12/2023 RemoveUnassociated.exe should not remove elevated key topics
    PR1069 6/15/2023 Publist with GET/ or POST/ topics are not decoded properly
    PR1070 6/20/2023 TankUtility Use last fill date when predicted fill date not available
    PR1071 6/23/2023 Daikin status not being updated
    PR1072 6/23/2023 Include PUT as an acceptable .pub file REST method
    PR1073 6/28/2023 Add ShellyPro3, ShellyPro3PM
    PR1074 6/29/2023 VSP display on Edit tab does not sort correctly for values over 99
    PR1075 7/1/2023 Include PUT as an acceptable MQTT publish Topic
    PR1076 7/10/2023 Added Hunter Douglas Gen3 shades
    PR1077 7/15/2023 Sense error message when decoding data
    PR1078 7/17/2023 Sense auth token not refreshed when only realtime data used
    PR1079 7/25/2023 Added ability to use regular expressions in MQTT Trigger payload
    PR1080 7/25/2023 Plugin restart needed to recognize MQTT Recieve Trigger payload changes
    PR1081 7/30/2023 Added Shelly Plus H&T
    PR1082 8/3/2023 Allow URL to be sent from non-plugin device on HSEvent
    PR1083 8/6/2023 Nexia onboard_device_id returns null
    PR1084 8/6/2023 PAYLOAD_EUROPE replacement not implemented in mainline
    PR1085 8/9/2023 Added Panic Button to Abode integration
    PR1086 8/11/2023 Nexia only updates compressor for first thermostat
    PR1087 8/20/2023 Local Page Resources tab blank on Linux
    PR1088 8/24/2023 Allow one message update same sensor multiple times
    PR1089 8/27/2023 Add Shelly Plus H&T
    PR1090 8/28/2023 Add fixed filename to Abode snapshot downloads
    PR1091 8/29/2023 Place Abode snapshots in \html\mcsMQTT subfolder
    PR1092 8/30/2023 Correct Shelly Plus H&T status message decode
    PR1093 9/7/2023 Venstar IAQ newer firmware follows reported temperature C/F scale
    PR1094 9/20/2023 Elevate key on non-array payloads (i.e. no *​ not working
    PR1095 10/14/2023 Allow both Internal and External MQTT Brokers (or no Broker)
    PR1096 10/20/2023 JPG File type in JSON is not saved
    PR1097 10/25/2023 Add Internal Broker Statistics, Reorganize MQTT Page tabs
    PR1098 10/27/2023 Add Text match filter for Association Table
    PR1099 11/3/2023 Add Shelly Plus Smoke
    PR1100 11/3/2023 Add Hunter Hydrawise irrigation on Cloud Page, Irrigation Tab ... In Updater
    PR1101 11/7/2023 Add Shelly Plus PlugS
    PR1102 11/8/2023 Correct energy units on Shelly Plus devices
    PR1103 11/8/2023 Add Virtual Flow Sensors option to Hydrawise
    PR1104 11/13/2023 Added Flow Sensor charting for Hyddrawise
    PR1105 11/13/2023 Added UTC option for database date storage
    PR1106 11/13/2023 Changed dual internal broker operation
    PR1107 11/14/2023 Option to not persist retain on restart not honored
    PR1108 11/16/2023 Added Shelly1Mini
    PR1109 11/18/2023 HS3 Association Table L column does not stick
    PR1110 11/18/2023 ReadDatabase completed for MySQL and SQL Server
    PR1111 11/18/2023 Interactive Run Script with parameters fails
    PR1112 11/19/2023 Added ExecuteDatabaseCommand as scripting function
    PR1113 11/19/2023 Allow Parent devices to store to database in HS3
    PR1114 11/21/2023 Don't add event triggers when explicit subscribe list selected
    PR1115 11/21/2023 NuHeat settings mangled
    PR1116 11/23/2023 Client connect statistics need to consider both IP and port
    PR1117 11/24/2023 Include CllientId and Port in unique Client identification
    PR1118 11/29/2023 Topic Discovery selection does not persist restart
    PR1119 12/1/2023 Shelly Gen2 cover vs. switch logic prevents proper decoding
    PR1120 12/2/2023 Shelly Gen2 only updates status with Topic Discovery is #
    PR1121 12/16/2023 Add pluginfunction method SendVoiceMonkey
    PR1122 12/16/2023 Allow revision to desktop-only when login to mobile fails
    PR1123 12/18/2023 Add Shelly1pmmini and Shellypluspmmini
    PR1124 12/24/2023 Added decoding for LD2410 radar sensor serial or topic
    PR1125 12/24/2023 Added decode option on the Serial tab or Local page
    PR1126 12/24/2023 Updates for Hydrawise water flow
    PR1127 12/24.2023 Updates for Nexia with failed logins for Mobile URL
    PR1128 12/28/2023 Hydrawise chart UTC vs. Local time issues
    PR1129 12/30/2023 Nexia Disconnect also selects NuHeat Disconnect
    PR1130 1/3/2024 Add Carrier Infinity family thermostat
    PR1131 1/4/2024 Provide alternate URL for Hunter Powerglide shades
    PR1132 1/4/2024 Carrier Infinity use of Config vs. Status data
    PR1133 1/4/2024 Carrier Infinity error reporting of failed function
    PR1134 1/1/6/2024 Linux Python path should not contain quote
    PR1135 1/1/6/2024 Add more detail to launch of Carrier Python
    PR1136 1/7/2024 Add Hayward Omnilogic pool controller integration
    PR1137 1/7/2024 Fix Espresense Away logic
    PR1138 1/8/2024 Assign URL from .pub file when URL not on URL tab
    PR1139 1/9/2024 Espresense away logic pulses every minute
    PR1140 1/12/2024 Add Hunter Douglas PowerView for Gen2
    PR1141 1/14/2024 Decode XML downloads that do not start with <xml
    PR1142 1/16/2024 Update control of Hunter Douglas Gen2 shades
    PR1143 1/16/2024 Add Scrolling Text to WLED
    PR1144 1/17/2024 Further Hunter Douglas Gen2 shades shade control
    PR1145 1/17/2024 Add to Abode Motion Sensor, GLASS, Secure Barrier and Door Lock
    PR1146 1/20/2024 Update Hayward Omnilogic to match Hayward web page
    PR1147 1/20/2024 Omnilogic controls now functional
    PR1148 1/21/2024 Omnilogic Flow, Alarms and refresh 20 seconds after command
    PR1149 1/25/2024 Add AirTouch Thermostat (Local)
    PR1150 1/26/2024 Add bidirectional HEX encoding/decoding on Local-Serial
    PR1151 1/27/2024 Carrier integration does not have humidifier modeled
    PR1152 1/28/2024 Abode create Feature for Keypad status
    PR1153 1/31/2024 Remove null bytes from zigbee2mqtt/bridge topics
    PR1154 1/31/2024 Force update of Abode lock and barrier controls
    PR1155 1/31/2024 Add Themes to Omnilogic integration
    PR1156 2/1/2024 Include changes in Omnilogic Themes
    PR1157 2/3/2024 Restructure control on PowerView Gen2
    PR1158 2/9/2024 Development test builds for PowerView, Abode, Omnilogic
    PR1159 2/11/2024 Shelly Gen2 LWT/Online not handled correctly
    PR1160 2/13/2024 Add OpenMQTTGateway Bluetooth in/23/tegration
    PR1161 2/13/2024 Auto-create Shelly BLU family devices from BLE
    PR1162 2/17/2024 Residual inconsistency of no Ref for Associated Topic
    PR1163 2/23/2024 Include ability to remove retain bit on homeassistant and tasmota discovery topics
    PR1164 2/23/2024 Create only one Feature for OMG when using multiple ESP32
    PR1165 2/29/2024 Add monitor for Association Table size
    PR1166 2/29/2024 Tank Utility auth token format changed
    PR1167 3/3/2024 Added native Shelly Bluetooth support for Gen2/3 devices
    PR1168 3/4/2024 Shelly bulb devices not setup correctly & Transition property implemented
    PR1169 3/5/2024 Added display precision setting for Sense Energy
    PR1170 3/5/2024 Added Switchbot Bluetooth support ... In Updater
    PR1171 3/7/2024 Shelly Bluetooth auto-create tweaks
    PR1172 3/7/2024 Initial Jacuzzi integration - status only
    PR1173 3/8/2024 Fix YoLink database restructure
    PR1174 3/10/2024 Improve security on YoLink interface
    PR1175 3/11/2024 Jacuzzi initial functionality
    PR1176 3/11/2024 NuHeat errors without updates as Features created ... In Updater
    PR1177 3/14/2024 Protect backup on failure of a single file failure
    PR1178 3/14/2024 Jacuzzi integration advancements
    PR1179 3/14/2024 NuHeat setpoint limited to advertised min/max range
    PR1180 3/16/2024 Discovery protocol impacted by Bluetooth OMG setting
    PR1181 3/16/2024 Jacuzzi command bytes not being sent to hardware
    PR1182 3/17/2024 Added additional backup provisions
    PR1183 3/18/2024 Added RATDGO recognition
    PR1184 3/25/2024 Added Shelly Gen3 mini
    PR1185 3/26/2024 Topic discovery does not persist restart for Brokers 2-6
    PR1186 3/27/2024 Ratgdo topic discovery used wrong topic ratdgo
    PR1187 4/1/2024 Last button on slider/button does not use expression to scale
    PR1188 4/3/2024 Added Vacation modes to NuHeat integration
    PR1189 4/4/2024 Jacuzzi updates for ClearRay and reconnect
    PR1190 4/5/2024 Added Timed-Percentage for Omnilogic integration
    PR1191 4/5/2024 Added shellyplug-s and shellypro1 - shellypro1pm
    PR1192 4/6/2024 Use window of 5 seconds to communicate with Jacuzzi
    PR1193 4/8/2024 Added shellymini and shellyminipm
    PR1194 4/8/2024 Protect Venstar from incomplete model info avalable
    PR1195 4/9/2024 Jacuzzi testing updates, removed detailed debug
    PR1196 4/10/2024 Jacuzzi light speed, pump control, light1 status
    PR1197 4/11/2024 Jacuzzi Expiration controls

    Updated documentation at

    Most current version (, with only files changed since last Updater release.
    Latest version files go into \bin\mcsMQTT subfolder except .html that goes in \html\mcsMQTT subfolder. The HSPI* files go into the HS root folder.

    Version of the .dll running is on header banner at top of MQTT Page, General Tab. It does not show on HS Plugin page.

    Full install using Updater Override for version (, Use updater_override process described below to install.

    Guidance for use of updater_override process:

    To side-load a plugin using updater_override process for HS4. This does not appear to work for HS as service so manual process should be used.
    1. Download the zip file that is in the HS4 updater format. (e.g.
    2. Place the download in the HS4 folder.
    3. Unzip the file updater_override.json and put it in the same HS4 folder.
    4. With browser navigate the the HS4 plugin menu, Add option. Only HS4 plugin available will be mcsMQTT. Select it. (I do not recall if you need to deselect the current mcsMQTT version before this or not)
    5. Remove updater_override.json to restore normal Updater operation.

    For HS3 it is paraphrased from the HS3 SDK
    1. Download the zip file that is in the HS3 updater format. (e.g.
    2. Place your package installation ZIP file into the \Updates3\Zips folder.
    3. Unzip and place updater_override.txt into the HS3 folder.
    3. Now go to the menu Plugins / Manage and click on the arrow for Additional Interfaces. It will list Local and check mcsMQTT. Use button that now appears to Download and Install.
    4. Remove updater_override.txt file to restore normal Updater operation.​

    where do we find this updater_override.json file?

    Trying to update the plugin on HS4 as I'm playing around with ESPresence.


      What is attached are the changed files since the last Updater submittal. You need to extract the zip into the HS sunflowers manually. I do not have sufficient bandwidth to upload the full Updater zip from my house. I will be doing a new Updater submittal in a matter of days pending some user feedback.


        Just a note on doing the upgrade. After updating the plugin, removing the updater_override.json file by itself did not restore normal plugin management. I had to restart HS4. After that normal plugin management appeared to work. Just an FYI.


          Link for HS4 updater file says file not found


            Originally posted by ocxoman View Post
            Link for HS4 updater file says file not found
            Link works for me. Try a different browser


              Thanks for the heads up. Very strange. It didn't work this morning with Firefox. Didn't try anything else then . But works now with all browsers I have. I did power down and back up so maybe be a cache issue or something else.


                In my attempt to get things working, I've got a second virtual machine running Linux Ubuntu 18.0.4 and have installed HS4 (non Pro version) to try to get mcsMQTT working with both Shellies and Tasmota. The only program installed is HS4. I installed version of mcsMQTT plugin per the instructions and have it running. However I ran into the issue of the broker not starting with the error that the address is already in use. I shut down HS4 and installed net-tools but this time that did not fix the problem. mcsMQTT was removed from the other VM and HS4 is running all my Zwave on that system without issues.

                Attached Files


                  What I understand is that on your Ubuntu VM you are never able to get mcsMQTT to run with a local broker.

                  When mcsMQTT starts the internal broker it binds to port 1883. It also runs a client that uses 1883. This client, every minute, sends a heartbeat message to assure the internal broker is echoing the client's messages. If it is not being received, then mcsMQTT attempts to restart the internal broker. This is where the error message occurs.

                  A good discussion of port closure is at

                  What I can try to do is simulate the failure by failing the heartbeat message to assess how the broker restart is managing the connection. This, however, does not address the issue of why the heartbeat message is not being received and the need to attempt a restart is even attempted.

                  I would also be better to have this discussion in the version 6 thread. This is a generic thread that would be hard to find information for a user in the future.



                    An update on my mcsMQTT adventure. I went back to my HS3 system and installed mcsMQTT using internal broker. The broker powered up and worked with no other actions required. I then powered up the shellies and tasmota S31. All devices were published automatically to HS and work as you described. I do not understand what I was doing wrong in HS4 but will give this another shot. In the meantime, I have a working system with everything working. Will procede to purchase more of the S31's to flash to Tasmota.

                    I really want to get this all working in HS4Pro and will start from scratch with a brand new install. HS3 is running on Ubuntu 16.04 and I tried HS4 and HS4Pro on 18.04 without success and then HS4 on 20.04 also without success. There may be something in the newer version of Ubuntu causing issues.

                    Will take this one step at a time and see what happens. Will start with Ubuntu 16.04 and install HS4. Will try to follow all directions and advise when and where things fail.

                    Thank you for putting up with an old man trying to keep up with the times.

                    Edit: Update. I added a second S31 with exactly the same configuration but with name S31-2 instead of S31-1. The switch did not get installed so I cloned the properties from the S31-1 device. The HS device for S31-2 was created with the switch controls. The switch controlled S31-1 device until I changed the HS Device PublishTopic to cmnd/TasmotaS31-2a/POWER. I thought at first the status was not updating but it eventually does update. Is there something I can do to fix the delay, If not, I can probably live with it unless it cause other problems that I'm not aware of

                    Thanks again.




                      Full install using Updater Override for version (, Use updater_override process described below to install.

                      Guidance for use of updater_override process:

                      To side-load a plugin using updater_override process for HS4. This does not appear to work for HS as service so manual process should be used.
                      1. Download the zip file that is in the HS4 updater format. (e.g.
                      2. Place the download in the HS4 folder.
                      3. Unzip the file updater_override.json and put it in the same HS4 folder.
                      4. With browser navigate the the HS4 plugin menu, Add option. Only HS4 plugin available will be mcsMQTT. Select it. (I do not recall if you need to deselect the current mcsMQTT version before this or not)
                      5. Remove updater_override.json to restore normal Updater operation.

                      JJ: When I tried this it says that it can't find the file I get the error shown below.

                      I have in my HS3 folder (I upgraded from HS3 to HS4 which causes HS3 to install in the HS3 folder). I also copied the zip file to places that were on my Path. These are, of course, on the machine that is running HS4 Pro.

                      Probably something simple I'm doing wrong.
                      Click image for larger version

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                        I have seen this before in the past and do not recall exactly what I did to overcome it. In the HS subfolder \Updates4 are a set of renamed zip files with underscores replaced by periods in the filename. If there is a then remove it. I have seen where the started in the HS folder and the update did not complete and become removed from the folder. It needs to be replaced if that is the case. I have also seen a space in the filename which does not seem to be the case this time. The HS Log also contains information about the update. Another technique is to assure the zip file is properly placed and the updater_override.json is also in place then restart HS and start the updater override process again.

                        The other option available is to use the delta install where only updated files are individually placed in HS subfolders to replace existing earlier version ones.


                          I'm trying to download the 6_15_0_1 zip for HS3 - browser just flashes a new tab and closes - no file downloaded. Am I doing something wrong?


                            Okay, tried a different browser which works now


                     does not have a SSL certificate so cannot support https (encrypted data). Browsers are trying to protect users, so depending upon security settings setup for the browser the user will experience differing degrees of success for the download. Chrome is especially aggressive and automatically selecting the most secure settings for the user.