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Sonoff Basic Power Control

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    Sonoff Basic Power Control

    I've got several Sonoff Basics set up with tasmota already receiving temperature sensor data. I cant seem to find the mqtt control to turn the Power on and off.

    I can turn the switch on/off using the tas web address, but cant seem to find the right one to turn it on/off using the device in HS. I have tried:
    Sub: tas_3/RESULTS:POWER
    Sub: tas_3/STATE:POWER

    I cant seem to find any other POWER choices.

    I have also successfully set up some Sonoff S31's and those use
    Sub: Outlet_1/cmnd/POWER

    I have SetOption19 to 1 on the Basic. - have also tried with 0.

    Any ideas?

    Click image for larger version

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    It depends upon how you configured Tasmota on each device. The MQTT setup page allows you to specify the Topic. Default is %prefix%/%topic%. If this is what you have then the publish topic from mcsMQTT will be cmnd/xxxx/power. I set mine up to be %topic%. In this case the publish topic from mcsMQTT is xxxx/cmnd/power


      Hi. I think i just figured out. I had changed Topic to just % topic%. I will put back in the &prefix% and try again.