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How long does it take for mcsMQTT to discover a device?

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    How long does it take for mcsMQTT to discover a device?

    I set up a new esp8266 and linked it to my broker. How long before it should appear in Homeseer?

    Also, how do you remove items no longer in use in the "T2" column?

    mcsMQTT discovers it immediately after it is published from the Broker. A page refresh is sometimes needed. If filters are being used the use the topic rebuilt filter button.

    if you are using the T2 filter and have items that are no longer of interest showing then you have two choices.

    To remove all record of them then use the O(bsolete) column checkbox followed by the Delete button at the top of the column. The same can be achieved more easily from the General tab, obsolete row by entering +/+/xyz/# where xyz is replaced with what you want removed.

    The next time the Broker sends a Topic that has been obsoleted it will be restored.

    If you recognize that it is still being sent by Broker and you just do not want to see it, then use the R(eject) column checkbox to hide it.