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Control/Status on mqtt device missing

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    Control/Status on mqtt device missing


    I had created a number of mqtt devices on my HS3 build, at that time a Control/Status option was created on the mqtt device, which I set to 'Both'.
    I have since updated to H4, and although I can still see the original devices with the Control/Status option, any new devices I create through the mqtt plugin, I now do not get the Control/Status option anymore.

    I have checked the config of the mqtt device on the mqtt plugin and virtual device it creates, and the configs are the same except for the command/status topics, thus I would have expected a Control/Status option.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Regards John

    I am guessing that you are referring to the Devices or DeviceUtility page of HS. HS4 has control and status as two separate entities. HS3 has a control/status with states or status, control and both.

    In HS4 the status will be shown as part of the graphics at the bottom of the Device page. The control will be shown at the top including the label that will be shown on the control.