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    The wildcards were generated because the two Elevate topics existed, but the key to be elevated did not exist.

    Wait until I have finished before doing any editing. If something needs to be done manually, I will let you know exactly what needs to be done.


      The attached will fix the JSON array index by making them two characters rather than one. The debug log will itemize all changes made, which I think was 124 for your old database. Review the debug log to make certain only JSON array indexes and not some JSON key that was a single numeric digit. Any that are not correct should be fixed by manual edit of the database.

      First thing to do is manually edit the database to put a value of 1 in the Elevate column for the two keys that are being elevated. My understanding is that the following two database records will be edited. Make certain it is the Elevate column and not the ElevateKeys column being edited. The ElevateKeys column contains the list of keys which will also be the two below.

      After the first run of this version it will deposit a line in mcsMQTT.ini to remember that it has done the conversion of the JSON indexes. If you want to start over with a different database later then the key FixedSingleDigitJSONarray should be removed if you want the conversion to be done again.
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        Thanks Michael,
        just one slight issue:

        In the new naming convention (see my previous post/screenshot; copied below)
        00 corresponds to my existing 1
        01 corresponds to my existing 2
        02 corresponds to my existing 3

        in your renaming routine
        00 is not assigned
        01 is assigned to 1
        02 is assigned to 2

        where it should be
        00 assigned to 1,
        01 is assigned to 2
        02 is assigned to 3

        once fixed, let me know if I should simply remove FixedSingleDigitJSONarray or roll back database.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture d’écran 2022-06-07 232419.jpg Views:	0 Size:	84.8 KB ID:	1550802


          Attached is the update to correct the sequence numbers. The change was minor and I did not rerun your old database. You should remove the key from mcsMQTT.ini and run the old database with the attached for the plugin.

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            All good, thank you!