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MQTT populating device. Status field changes correctly but value field is always 0.

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  • Fatlab
    Thats just the job. As soon as I changed it to list, the previous status was already recorded in the VSP table. All Ithen needed to do was change the details in the device screen.
    I would have never worked that out, thank you so much for the swift response.

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  • Michael McSharry
    On Edit tab or MQTT page for the status endpoint, which is easiest to get to by clicking the REF button from the Association table, assure that the Control/Status UI is set to Button or List. This will allow you to add VSP later on the Edit tab so B1 and B2 can be mapped to numbers and then you can later add icons using the HS Devices page. The tool tip when hovering over the VSP text box will provide the syntax. mcsMQTT.pdf also provides the syntax. It will be something like

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  • MQTT populating device. Status field changes correctly but value field is always 0.

    I have a device populated via an MQTT feed from my EV charging system. It's working great reporting status and charge, etc. The field I'm trying to set a status graphic based on 'status' as the value field does not change whatever the connected state of the car. Presently with the car connected value is 0 and status is B1, with the car charging value is still 0 but status changes to B2.

    What I want to do is to be able to set a series of status graphics based on the five different status conditions, but it appears the device single graphic filed only wants to accept a double integer and not a string.

    Any suggestions?

    ID 3051
    Device Version 4
    Value 0
    Status B1
    Interface mcsMQTT
    Device Type Api: Feature
    Priority Order 8
    Relationship Feature (Child)
    Associated Devices Myenergi Power Management Myenergi Ecosystem (3043)