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Issue when adding new Devices mcsMQTT Ver in HS3

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    Issue when adding new Devices mcsMQTT Ver in HS3

    When Adding new devices the Loc2 (Floor) value is being populated correctly but Loc (Room) is blank and can't be added manually on the MQTT Settings for Plugin Device ref screen.

    I have the setting "Default HS Device Location set to Use Loc2(Floor) & Loc (Room) based upon MQTT Topic" and the Topic is coming in as YoLink/d88b4c02000XXXXX/response:data:state:temperature.

    So I would expect
    Loc2 (Floor) = YoLink (this is working)
    Loc (Room) = d88b4c02000XXXXX (this is not working, it is blank)

    The other odd thing is that this device comes in as Celsius and I have this expression $$PAYLOAD: * 1.8 + 32 to convert to Fahrenheit. This is not working it still displays Celsius.

    I have an older device of the same type that I added many mcsMQTT versions ago and it is working fine with the same expression.

    I did a test with associating a test topic and the two Loc properties were populated as expected. I also use the C to F formula with expected result. I do not think anything changed in this area since the version you are using, but was posted today at mcsMQTT Change Log (HS4 & HS3) - HomeSeer Message Board . Take a look at HS and debug log to see why your results are not as expected.


      I have resolved the issue with the Temperature conversion. Actually no issue it just had not sent a new temperature since I added the expression. Once received new value it showed correctly.

      I checked the functionality in HS4 with mcsMQTT Ver and it has the same issue with building the Loc (Room) value. It is blank as well.


        What is the specific topic that was associated for the Loc value? The logic uses x/y/z as the topic where x and y are locations If only x exists (e.g. myHome:Temperature) then both Loc are set to x.


          Installed the latest version and that looks like it fixed the issue. When I added a new device it populated both Loc2 and Loc. I was also able to go back and fix the other devices with the correct Loc (room)