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NuHeat Thermostat

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    NuHeat Thermostat

    NuHeat provides a WiFi-enabled thermostat used to control floor heating. The device is managed via a Cloud connection and this connection is used to integrate with HomeSeer via mcsMQTT. This integration makes available the information on the NuHeat Server and creates a set of devices for basic monitoring and control. This integration depends upon a Cloud connection to the NuHeat Server, but the thermostat runs independent of the Cloud.

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    The information available is shown below with those in blue being automatically mapped into HS Device and Features for each thermostat.

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    The setup of each NuHeat thermostat is done from the Cloud Page, NuHeat tab as shown below. If multiple thermostats are used, then a semicolon is used to separate the Id of each. This Id is available from the NuHeat site account login.

    Polling can be setup to keep HS in sync with the NuHeat server and the thermostat. If not setup, then a status update in HS will only occur 20 seconds after a HS control action is taken such setting a temporary setpoint.

    Normal operation of the thermosat is to run off of its internal schedule. This schedule can be interrupted by selecting a SetPoint Temperature. This will be the new temperature for heating control for the next hour. The ScheduleMode will reflect TempHold status.

    The Schedule Mode can be changed to indefinite hold of the SetPoint Temperature with the Hold button. The Run button on Schedule Mode is used to restore the normal internal schedule of the thermostat.

    Status is shown for the equipment being in heating vs. quiescient operation. Status is also shown for the temperature sensed by the thermostat.

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    This capability was introduced to mcsMQTT in version with the current version being availalble at for both HS3 and HS4 plugins.

    Two files are needed for HS4. One is an .html file that gets unzipped into \html\mcsMQTT folder to replace the existing Cloud.html file. The other is the HS4 dll that is unzipped into \bin\mcsMQTT.

    For HS3 only the dll needs to be unzipped into \bin\mcsMQTT.