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    Daikin One Plus

    First, I am very new to MQTT and I may be completely missing something. I was trying to add my Daiken One Plus thermostat using this plugin. The area I am getting stuck at is the 13 digit key. The one plus did not have a sticker on the back so I do not know how to connect this. Maybe I am not understanding the process or the One Plus is not compatible?

    Thank you

    A good news, bad news situation. Earlier Daikin units did not have a published API and it was reverse-engineered with an implementation in mcsMQTT. The One Plus is not one of the units that support this protocol.

    The One Plus has an official published protocol that looks to be easy to implement. Daikin One Open API - Documentation It does require a developer account. It can be done in either of two ways if you want mcsMQTT to provide the integration of this unit.

    One is register yourself as a developer and provide the key to me so I can test the implementation. The other is to let me register as the developer and use the info for your thermostat to complete the registration. In either case there will be back and forth with code updates and feedback since the thermostat is at your location and the effects can only be observed by you. My email is mcsSolutions at CenturyTel dot net if you are interested.

    As an aside, mcsMQTT is a generic plugin that supports many protocols typically used in the Home Automation arena. It presents to the user a common interface that looks as if a MQTT protocol is being used. Similar concept as HS where the same Device and Event interface is provided to the user independent of the technology of the widget that is being controlled.