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Shelly Humidity and Temperature (H&T)

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    Shelly Humidity and Temperature (H&T)

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    The H&T is an attractive sensor of about 1.5" diameter that reports humidity, temperature and its battery life. It reports periodically or when a change in a sensor reading exceeds a threshold.

    No user configuration is necessary, but some options are available as documented at Since it is a battery powered device it needs to be awaken if additional configuration is to be done. It is awaken by pressing its button. The button is accessed by twisting the top. This is also the mechanism used to change the battery when necessary, but this should only need to be done annually.

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    Just like all Shelly devices the H&T contains it own HTTP server for easy browser configuration access. In this example the assumption is that the IP on the network is Since this likely will not be the IP of your H&T just change the examples below appropriately.

    Shelly H&T: /settings

    Shelly HT accepts the following extra parameters on it's /settings endpoint: Parameters

    temperature_units string Either 'C' or 'F'
    temperature_threshold number Temperature delta (in configured degree units) which triggers an update
    humidity_threshold number RH delta in % which triggers an update
    sleep_mode_period number Periodic update period in hours, between 1 and 24
    It is also possible to do some configuration directly from the browser URL have a more interactive settings selection. Just remember that the H&T goes to sleep about three minutes after it is awaken. If a session is not completed then start a new one by pressing the button again.