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How to find the IP address of an Insteon hub

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    How to find the IP address of an Insteon hub

    Here's a pretty simple method for determining the IP address of your Insteon plugin using a Windows PC. Follow these steps:
    1. Download Advanced IP Scanner to your PC
    2. Install and run Advanced IP Scanner
    3. Click the Scan button and look for and entry that shows Smarthome or Smartlabs, Inc. as the manufacturer. This will display the IP address of the Insteon hub. In the example below, the IP address is This will be the IP address to use when configuring the MNS Insteon software plugin.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	AIP-Scan-Insteon-Hub3.png Views:	0 Size:	103.6 KB ID:	1543090

    Note that Advanced IP Scanner itself is not directly supported by HomeSeer nor by Mark Sandler. It's simply provided here as a resource for those who do not have direct access to their router DHCP tables.
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    Once you have found the IP address, go to your home router, and find the DHCP, or ip/mac binding service, and set a fixed IP for the Insteon hub. This way, the IP wont change when the insteon hub is rebooted.

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