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Insteon thermostats

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    Insteon thermostats

    Is there anything in the works for the mns Insteon plug in to control insteon thermostats?

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    John Willey took over the outdated legacy Insteon Thermostat plugin and has begun rewriting it so it now interfaces with the current 4.X.X.X version of the MNS Insteon plugin. You need to enable Show Beta Plugins in the Add Plugins page. Look for "Insteon Thermostat for HS4 Beta". John is an Insteon orphan like so many of us who just discovered HomeSeer barely over a month ago so has only been working on it for a few weeks or less. It's still a work in progress (it is Beta after all) but it WORKS, and all of us new MNS Insteon converts who also found HomeSeer need to be thanking him for providing us an option that doesn't make our Insteon Thermostats simple wall ornaments with push buttons.

    The forum is at:


      msachs9393 thanks for jumping in.

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