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Anyone up for Zigbee testing?

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    You re 4 commits behind hst.. please fork as fast a you can...or do your very own


      I hope I am putting this in the right place. I have tried now to update to the newest plugin and have downloaded the driver for the interface. I got the z-wave side of it working but the zigbee side just won't initialize. Both z-wave and zigbee com ports show in the device manager. I click on the zigbee interface to initialize and it just spins for a bit and then fails.

      Any suggestions. Second try at this. TIA

      UPDATE: I have managed to get all the node info copied from the smartstick+ to the stick. I did a optimization and then a full optimization on the stick. I can see all the nodes on the stick.

      NOW, how to I transfer over to the new stick and continue using it?? TIA

      UPDATE 2: All Z-wave working but STILL unable to get the zigbee part of the controller to initialize. Moving this to a new thread.