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Nortek HUSBZB-1 with Aquara Sensors

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    Nortek HUSBZB-1 with Aquara Sensors

    I'm interested in adding a bunch of door/window sensors, water sensors and temp sensors to my system and I'm not liking the idea of paying Z-Wave prices. I've already got a bunch of Z-Wave switches and dimmers (and a couple motion sensors) and I love them, but for the rest of the sensors I'd like to try going ZigBee.

    I've heard mixed reviews of the built-in ZigBee support and I'm wondering if anybody is using Aquara sensors with the HomeSeer ZigBee plugin. I don't want to use the JowiHue/deCONZ setup to make this happen. I had previously been using Wyze sensors with the reverse engineered bridge that relayed the sensor states over MQTT and I just didn't like going down that route. The price was nice, but I was always on edge regarding its instability, so that's why I'm investigating ZigBee now.

    So my question is: Has anybody used the Nortek ZigBee stick with Aquara sensors and the built-in HomeSeer ZigBee plugin? Does it work well? What issues have you run into?

    My experience to date was not quite good with the Zigbee plugin for Aqrara and my Stelpro devices.

    I decided to stay with zigbee2mqtt (running on a RPI and mcsmqtt plugin until more time is spent on the development of the HS Zigbee plugin. This is the most stable environment I had with Aqara (i did tried deCONZ and zigbee plugin without any success)

    I have motion sensors, temperature sensors, water leak detector working perfectly without any hickup for months with the above setup


      I suppose zigbee2mqtt would be reasonable. That project seems to be pretty actively maintained. The problem with the WyzeSense project is that it there haven't been any commits to the GitHub project in over a year.

      And now that there are some people selling the zigbee2mqtt stick pre-flashed, that makes it even easier. I guess that's the route I'll probably go.

      Thanks for the feedback.