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Sengled Bulb Color Temp Control

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    Sengled Bulb Color Temp Control

    Does anyone know how to get the white temp control on a Sengled Bulb (model ZO1-A19NAE26) to work using the Homeseer Zigbee plugin? The on/off switch and dimmer slider work fine, but the color temp slider gives an error anytime it is moved. I saw another thread dealing with the Sengled multicolor RGB bulbs so that may be a similar issue, but this is only the Warm-to-cool white bulbs.

    I'm guessing it may be the same type of issue, Sengled reports the color as Kelvin temp and Homeseer does not recognize that, only RGB values? The error I get from zigbee when moving the color temp slider is " Object reference not set to to an instance of an object".

    Any ideas on a work around or if another type of warm/cool white bulb works natively with this plugin? I don't really want to buy a bridge or any other hardware so working with the Homeseer Zigbee plugin is key! Thanks for any help or ideas.

    Windows 10 Pro Virtual Machine running on vmware ESXI v6.7
    Homeseer HS4 Standard v4.1.16.0
    Zigbee Plugin v4.0.10.0
    Nortek USB/Zwave USB Radio HUSBZB-1

    Let me know if any other log data or info is required. Thanks.

    • enable log to file at Trace level from the Settings page (with "ZigbeeNet Logging" enabled)
    • restart the plugin
    • wait 1 minute for the plugin to initialize
    • try to use the Color Temperature slider
    • send me the log file Logs/Zigbee.txt
    what features are created for this device? For a warm/cool white bulb you should see On/Off, Level Control and Color Temperature



      Log attached.

      The features that it creates are: On/Off, Level Control and Color control



        Originally posted by MTWH View Post

        The features that it creates are: On/Off, Level Control and Color control
        You meant "Color Temperature" right?

        I think I found the problem, it's a bug in the plugin for CT bulbs that are not RGB bulbs as well. I will fix it ASAP


          Please install and test version beta 4.0.11. Thanks


            Yes, you're right it does say color temperature. My fingers were typing what I was thinking and not what I was reading! 😁

            I installed the beta and it looks like it is working like a champ now!!!! I have quickly tested the slider control on the HS4 devices page and also made an event that changes color temps of 4 bulbs at once through several settings. Changing colors from the drop down temp picker when creating an event works fine too.

            Thanks for the fast attention and fix on this! I will update the post if I can find anything after more testing, but for now I would say 100% compatible with this plugin version.

            If you or anyone reading is interested, I'll post a screen shot of the bulbs I bought on Amazon... They were only $20 bucks for a pack of 4 bulbs. I've only had them on for a few hours so far but by looks and feel they seem well made. Only time will tell but I've already had LED bulbs go out after 12 months that I've paid $30 bucks each for.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	sengled amazon.PNG
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              While Sengled bulbs may seem like a good bargain, they are limited in that they are not Zigbee network repeaters, unlike Philips Hue bulbs.


                Good to know....thanks. So Phillips bulbs work with this plugin and don't need the Phillips hub to operate?

                These are all in one Room and the farthest one is no more than say 50 feet from my zigbee radio so I'm not seeing any issue in this instance. I bet if I put some on the main or second floor though they would not work reliably. As of right now, these are the only devices on my system that run Zigbee....Everything else is Zwave. I'll have to keep that in mind for the future.


                  Yes Philips Hue bulbs work this plugin without the need for the hue bridge.

                  To check if a device is a Zigbee network repeater from the HS4, click on the device from the device page, go to the Zigbee tab and check the "Node Type" field it will be either ROUTER (=repeater) or END_POINT