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How to make Zigbee motion sensor control Insteon light for a certain time frame?

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    How to make Zigbee motion sensor control Insteon light for a certain time frame?

    Is it possible to create an event to have a zigbee motion sensor be active from say 9m - 6am to turn on a specific Insteon light if/when motion is triggered and stay on as long as motion is detected? All other times during the day I don't need the motion sensor active at all when people pass by. Is this possible to set up and if so how would the event be entered. I'm thinking its not possible to make the sensor inactive during the day??? Thanks in advance!

    The sensor is a zigbee item and the light is an insteon device.

    1. Need to sensor not to be active during the day time and not effect the light when I enter outside of the time specified.
    2. Time the sensor can effect the light is from 9pm to 6:am
    3. Light needs to remain on at least 2 minutes or as long as motion is detected and then turn off when I exit. This sequence continues throughout the night until 6:am
    4. Trying to set this up so when I go inside the bathroom I don't have to tell Alexa to turn the lights on and off.

    The sensor will be active all the time. However you can build an event to meet the time constraints.
    IF zigbee motion
    ANDIF the time is between 9pm and 6am
    THEN control a device INSTEON LIGHT ON
    THEN Start timer (zigbee motion)

    Next event would be
    IF zigbee motion
    ANDIF A devices value INSTEON light is already on
    THEN restart timer (it will start to count from zero again

    Next event would be
    IF zigbee timer hits 2 minutes
    THEN stop timer

    FYI stopping a timer leaves it stopped at whatever time it had accumulated. Starting a timer starts it from zero even if it wasn't sitting at zero.