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Add Device / Remove Device acting the same

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    Add Device / Remove Device acting the same

    I recently upgraded my phone. I updated my pushover account ( with the new device (the old device is no longer listed in the account). Most of my plugin messages are set to go to all devices/groups. I had a few setup to only go to my device. I have tried to update the plugin configuration with the new device. I was able to add it, but I'm unable to remove the old device. Whenever I click "Remove Device/Group", it gives this error- "Error: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: '(device)' Key being added: '(device)'" (I edited the device name in this post, the actual device name is what's listed in the plugin, and what I keyed into the text entry box). Am I doing something wrong?

    I realize this doesn't affect functionality, but I'm trying to keep my device drop down box in the events cleaned up.

    I believe you are referring to the "old" HS3 version of the Pushover plugin, not written by my. This is the dedicated thread for the HS3 version:

    However, the author seems to be MIA. Sorry I can't be of any help except making the suggestion of upgrading to the HS4 version which is fully supported by me. Note that that will involve recreating all Pushover event actions.