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    Notification to multiple users

    Hello, I'm currently using your HS3 Pushover plugin to send me a notification when the water leak sensor is tripped in a property we own in another state. I now want to migrate that system to HS4, and to have HS4 send both myself and my daughter a notification when a leak is detected. Is that possible to do with Pushover? Would it make more sense to use your Telegram plugin instead? Which plugin would you use for sending notifications to multiple people? Thank you!

    First, the original HS3 Pushover plugin was created by mrhappy, not me. I can only take credits for the HS4 Pushover and Telegram plugins.

    To answer your question, it is really a personal preference. Both HS4 plugins are flexible enough to send messages to multiple users (multiple accounts, groups, users etc) so they will both work for your situation.

    Note that the Telegram messenger plugin is capable of two-way communication, so you can trigger events based on user messages. The Pushover messenger is only for sending messages.