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    Send to Specific Room

    So I have been looking for a way to automate and schedule my Shark IQ to clean specific rooms at specific times. The built in scheduler is a 'clean all' setup but due to two dogs, I find the unit works better if I have it hit one room at a time so it can empty the dust cup more frequently. I know with the Alexa integration I can say Alexa, send shark to XYZ room and it will do it but again I am looking to just schedule it and remove the manual launching.

    The basics would be clean Living Room at 11am, Dining room at 12pm, Kitchen at 12:30pm, etc...

    I am new to Homeseer and have the 30day trial and also downloaded your plug-on but looks like the plugin is a 'clean all' setup or am I missing something?

    Have you tried to schedule specific rooms and if so what path did you take?

    The only path I can think of is to Schedule Alexa to launch it with specific commands but not finding anything straight forward that can do that.

    I am surprised Shark hasn't added this to their scheduling.

    No, this plugin only works for whole-home cleanings and can't send the robot to specific rooms. I no longer own a Shark robot so it's pretty unlikely there will be any new features added.