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Examples Using the Tesla Plug in

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  • The Profit
    I just received my Tesla and there are a couple of ideas that I'm thinking of using this plugin for:

    1) Charging - At the moment I haven't found a great solution for setting up a charging schedule. What I'd like is to have the car charge to 80% on the 3 days that I'm traveling to/from work and then just maintain a 50% charge on the days that I'm home and just using it for short trips. From what I understand, keeping it always charged at 80% can have some affect on battery degradation. Probably not much, but why not have HS help a little.

    2) Charging - If I use the AKCalendar plugin with this plugin and perform a quick charge based on current battery charge and trips planned on my calendar.

    3) Charging - Based on weather conditions that might take down our grid, make sure car is fully charged (80%).

    4) When I arrive home after being at work and the car goes into park, automatically open charge port and open trunk to get laptop out of the back. (1st world problems I know, but we have a Tesla and Homeseer integration!)

    5) Air Condition cabin based on AKCalendar events. Right now it just conditions the cabin on weekdays by a specific time and I don't always use the car everyday like that. Then I get messages from the app telling me that the AC has been on for awhile.

    6) When I’m getting ready to leave work, get the cabin temperature set for when I arrive at the car. Or precondition battery for trip home.

    Just a couple of ideas I've come up with in the first couple of days of being a Tesla owner. Think any of these are possible with this plugin?

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  • Bernieo
    started a topic Examples Using the Tesla Plug in

    Examples Using the Tesla Plug in

    Interesting integration of the vehicle with Homeseer. I would love to see how people have used this Plug In to give me some ideas. Thanks!